Report: Trey Burke “inquiring about his NBA draft status”

Dylan Burkhardt
Trey-Burke-Michigan-Hoops-3[1]Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press caught up with Trey Burke’s father, Benji, regarding Burke’s NBA draft situation. Here’s a snippet:

“I think that, for the most part, when you have a season as a freshman like he did, the NBA, they like them young. They think their ceiling is higher when they’re young,” Benji Burke said today. “Trey had some good games and a solid season for a freshman. It’s going to be one of the weaker point guard drafts in years.

“The second thing is he was considered high. He does have some juice right now. It didn’t end well, but he ended up having some great games. He’s got to be one of the top five freshman guards in the country. He got a hold of some information, and you at least need to inquire.

“I can’t say he’s coming back, can’t saying he’s leaving. If it had my way, he’d be coming back.”

More in the Detroit Free Press. The deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft this season is April 10th. A few additional notes after the jump.
Nick Baumgardner caught up with Benji as well:

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  • Oh boy…I think with the support system he has, I’d figure he would come back. We thought that about Morris to tho and look what happened.

  • I think it would be a bigger mistake for him to leave than when D-Mo did. Burke is not as big and strong as Morris. Plus, when Morris went it was a “weaker draft” too. Look how that turned out for him.

    • A2swang

      I disagree, the main knock on Burke is his size, but he’s never going to grow any taller, so might as well strike when the iron is hot. There were plenty of top PGs going into the draft last year, can you name 5 this year thats better than Burke?

      • Jeff

        The only problem with that is that striking while the iron is hot may still land him in round 2 or undrafted, hoping to catch on with somebody. Leaving as a freshman and missing the first round is a huge mistake, IMO.

        • UM in GA

          What about H jr?

      • A2JD

        Being a great college player doesn’t always translate to being a great NBA prospect. 

        The iron does not seem to be hot.

        If I’d seen him in the 1st round of ANY of the mock drafts that are out right now, I might think differently. He’s not even listed as a 2nd round pick.Since that’s the case, he’s probably got to prove himself for at least one more year before the NBA really takes a good look at him.

      • Lightness

        No, he’s not going to grow taller but he’s not near the playmaker he needs to become.  Doesn’t mean he won’t go but without better playmaking skills and ability to adjust to defensive schemes, I don’t see him having any immediate NBA impact.

  • Brad Stone

    Please please please please stay. Please

  • MH_20

    LOL what the hell is going on?!

  • Guest

    he gone

  • Mistersuits

    It’s a “weaker draft” this year? Isn’t that what they say every year?

    Manny then Darius now Trey? The “what could have beens” are starting to pile up. Not to mention, who are we going to start at PG next year if Trey leaves and Brundidge gone? Akunne?

    • A2JD

      Weaker draft?  This one is projected as one of the deeper ones in the last 10 years.

    • Jeff

      It’s a strong draft overall because a number of sure lottery picks stayed last year because of fear of the lockout. Don’t know about PG position specifically though.

      • Hail

        PG is actually pretty weak, but NBA isn’t like the NFL, jsut because it’s weak teams won’t reach for need at all.

    • Nick

      Last year, Darius went because the draft overall was weak and point guard was mediocre.

      This year, the draft overall is really good (not elite at the top outside of Davis but it has good depth), but the PG position is relatively weak.

      Damian Lillard, Tony Wroten, Kendall Marshall are the only 1st round locks and 3 freshman who still aren’t NBA ready (Marquis Teague, Myck Kabongo, BJ Young) area leaning to go because they have an outside shot to crack the 1st round.

      Next year is weak at PG as well (no elite incoming freshman PG’s), so maybe this helps in Trey deciding to come back.

  • James

    If he’s grading out as a 1st rounder or near 1st rounder, then it’s in his best interest to go pro. Just disappointing with our potential next year.

    • A2JD

      Why as a “near first rounder”? 2nd round picks don’t get guaranteed contracts. I think you’d better be sure you’re a lock to be a top 20 pick or you should stay.

    • Jeff

      I would amend that to say a “sure” first rounder, then I would agree with you. Leaving as a freshman and ending up in the 2nd round is not a good situation.

  • Giebz

    My world is falling apart!!!  Someone tell me this is a dream!

  • A2JD

    That would be a shocker. While he had a great season, he still isn’t even appearing as a 2nd rounder on any NBA Mock draft sites. At least Darius was projected in the 20’s on a couple at this time last year.

    The upside of staying and leading a team capable of a Final Four just seems too great but we’ve seen that temptation has somewhat burned a couple of Wolverines in the recent past.

  • Hail

    My opinion on Burke exploring the draft:
    1) Good for him if he’s trying to get evaluated, why not?2) Although a deep draft, it is weak at PG.3) But he won’t go 1st round4) I hope like hell he stays, but if he goes, then there’s something wrong with Beilein. Other coaches keep lotto picks around and he keeps losing fringe “just getting drafted” players.

    • Jeff

      Was just thinking the same thing about Beilein. If he loses another player early who doesn’t look like he has a shot at the 1st round, this definitely will be a pattern. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen.

  • A2JD

    Is April 8th the “Declare By” date?

    • Hail

      10th, which I don’t understand why Brundidge wouldn’t wait until then to make his decision to stay or go

      • A2JD

        Thanks. I guess we’ll have to wait until then. I really think he’d be foolish to go, unless he gets one of those “promises” from a team picking in the top 20.

        What NBA teams are even looking for a 5’11”, 160 pound guy to take the reigns of their squad?

        I remember Sebastian Telfair was thought of as all-everything coming out of High School and he’s been a bust. Jameer Nelson’s had a solid career but he has a lot more bulk than Trey.

        There just aren’t too many teams in the mid-to-late 1st round (should Trey’s stock even rise that high) that are looking for a starting PG.

        Were I Trey, I’d wait another year. He’s going to have a chance to rack up a TON of assists and still score about the same. He can add a little more muscle and have a shot at being a sure-fire 1st round pick. Plus, he gets another year at a great university and that still shouldn’t be forgotten, even if the NBA is your primary goal.

        • andrew

          As I recall, the scouts didn’t think Telfair was nearly as good as Telfair himself thought he was.

          • A2JD

            He still got a “promise” from one team, went in the lotto and busted. He probably would’ve been better served (as a player) with some time at Louisville.

  • Dirtgrain

    What the crap!  Walton is not due until the season after next, right?  Ugh.

  • ali

    If Burke were to make the jump, we basically become Minnesota, right?  High talent at wing and in the front court, and then guards who will over-dribble (and pass around the perimeter) causing the offense to get a terrible shot near the end of the clock. 

  • Hail

    I certainly hope this doesn’t happen, but it DOES occur. But I think the problem with all this that never gets discussed with these guys, is what happens should a career ending injury occur? NBA salary/Europe isn’t always right there for you. That’s why you need the education. Just think if Oden was a 2nd round draft pick, the guy would be screwed.

    • GregGoBlue

      or career-ending mediocrity a la Darius Morris.

      • Hail

        Yep, good point. Just depends how long you can hold onto a bench spot before the paychecks stop. Looking like he won’t be a Laker next year with Sessions coming aboard too.

        • Mattski

          Conversations like this, which recur frequently here, tend to omit a lot of issues: you can go BACK to school; you might get injured; you’re not going to get any taller (Trey’s biggest deficit). And maybe, just maybe, you love the game and want to play it at the highest level, for money. He and his family are staring at many more of the variables than we are. 

  • Williamfeehan

    D-mo all over again

  • Giddings

    When it rains it pours…

  • Jeff

    Just went to a mock draft database and looked at the first 6 websites on the list. 4 had both rounds, 2 only showed the 1st round. He wasn’t on any of them. Despite being burned by Morris, I just can’t believe he would leave this year. However, it seems much more likely he leaves after next season now, which sucks, because they would be legit FF contenders if everyone comes back that year.

    • A2JD

      Yeah, he’s in Walter Football’s NBA Mock for 2013 but not this year.

  • Miatamich

    Is the reason Burke is not showing in many mock drafts because nobody projected him leaving school this soon?

    • Jeff

      Couldn’t say, although all of them showed numerous underclassmen. I do know that the ESPN Chad Ford list shows everyone, and he’s generally been around the 60s in that one.

    • A2JD

      I doubt it. Andre Drummond said at the start of his season with Connecticut that he was planning on coming back next year and that didn’t move him out of any mocks.

  • Bobmorant

    Trey is gathering inrformation!!!  He has NBA talent. His skills need to continue to soar. We will be blessed if he stays and we need to wish him well if he goes.THE only question is when will be the best time for him to go.

  • Nicholas Stieber

    Dad has been told he could go 18-24 which means he’s going. Next question we need an answer to is where do we find a point guard this late in the game?

    • A2JD

      Who told him that, a buckeye fan?

      I haven’t seen any indication that he’d go that early.

    • Jeff

      Not neccesarily, that could just be an agent trying to sign him. If there’s not a single mock-draft out there that has him anywhere near the 1st round, he’s not going in the 1st round. By going through the process, he’ll get some more legit info about his situation from the NBA advisory board. Maybe he’s like Morris and just wants out of college, but I hope not.

    • A2JD

      And just to break down who’s drafting 18-24 right now:

      18. Denver- Ty Lawson isn’t going anywhere.
      19. Philly- Holiday is a solid and young PG
      20. Dallas- Could maybe use a back-up for Kidd but I expect them to sign Deron Williams this summer.
      21. Atlanta- This could be the only place I’d buy being interested.
      22. Memphis- Just extended Conley before this season.
      23. Indy- Have Collison.
      24. Boston- Only if they’re shipping Rondo out do they have need.

  • Mattski

    Maybe less there than meets the eye, but you put today’s developments together with the late-season slump, Smot’s sometimes disaffected demeanor, you have to wonder. I’m thinking there could be serious upside–Smot’s PT was definitely threatened, even if he did offer Michigan some important ways of stretching the court next year, and Beilein may come up with some fine players in their stead. Still. . . all a little bit troubling on the face of it. 

    You only have one playing life, though; kids today are far better aware of their options. . . have more of them. Hard to get angry at them.

  • ButterThief

    couldn’t be more excited for TB3!

    not to sound cliche…great talent, better kid.

    in the next few weeks, if people confirm he’s a lottery pick, he ought to go get himself “paid in full”. we look forward to seeing him in the offseason working out ann arbor, and earning his michigan degree in the spare time.

    months ago, when i saw his youtube summer workout tapes in preparation for freshman year, i knew this day when we talk about his potential departure would come.

    aside from the work ethic (see youtube vid), he’s got what other nba prospects don’t have, “poise”. sure, as a guard his assist/turnover ratio is a bit skeptical, but at this stage in the kid’s development, he is really mature out there on the court. sure, he can further develop his skills and game. you get that by playing with and against *better talent.

    by leaving after his soph year, i think the only thing he adds to his game, and list of intangibles, is *leadership. after the buzzer sounded last friday, he is no doubt the team’s leader (believe i even heard zach tapping him to carry the torch).

    i imagine going from college freshman to nba rookie, a kid never gets the chance to fully develop their leadership on and off court.

    **so trey, if you stay, you get to play with another hopeful “2(maybe 1) and Done” (Mc4…yeah, i’m already lobbying for mitch to don CWebb’s #4 even though 2013 is just around the corner), and a kid with crazy athleticism (GRIII) (hopefully not of the petway-vintage).

    be the “leader of the new school”, and your game will be as complete as it can get at the college level.

  • A2JD

    By the way, I think Coach Alexander has left the Twitospere.

  • ButterThief

    sure be nice if we could get trey zeigler as an insurance policy. we should offer his pops an assistant coach position

    • Jeff

      lol-he’s not coach cal.

  • A State Fan

    I don’t think he goes, guys do this a lot. It’s a way to talk to the pro scouts and see what they expect out of you. 

    And yeah he’s not getting any taller, but he can definitely get better defensively, and 3pt% (only 35%, not great for a guy that needs to make up for his lack of height).

    He’ll be back

  • LexLuger

    Better start recruiting a PG.

  • Doc

    Fire Beilein and rehire Amaker

    • Lazyfoot10


  • Wayman Britt

    Wow things can change on a dime.  This came out of no where.  I hope Trey stays, but usually once players look at the NBA they end up going. 

    Smot leaving is beyond me.  He says he is not happy, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

  • Kenny

    1. Can Amedeo play PG?
    2. Why can not Brundidge wait a couple of hours?  
    3. Will it be reality that our choice at PG are reduced to Eso and Stauskas?
    4. Three freshmen starting next season?

  • Arsena926

    so because this is transfer time for all schools does anybody know of any point guards that could apply for a 5th year and are transfering from Mid Majors someone like Brandon Wood or Trice from Michigan State because that could go a long way

  • anton

    IF Burke goes we should hire Shaka. 

    • Lazyfoot10

      This post is a joke right?

  • P-nickel

    Burke as much as I like his game can leave as well. This program will be great with or without him. It will sting but keep it moving. These are the challenges programs face when they start getting great. Now it’s time for the coaches to
    find that talent to keep it going!!! Go Blue

    • Jeff

      I agree if he goes in the first round. If he leaves and doesn’t go in the first round, it’s just another underclassmen making a big mistake, and the third in three years.

      • mpartington

        Agreed, Jeff. Look at Darius… he has been relegated to the NBA d-league. He should’ve stayed, he would’ve become a far better player with that extra year of experience.

  • P-nickel

    Jordan Taylor, enough said.

  • GregT

    Lots of trolls in the comments today. Nothing better to do lil bro?

  • dhil63

    Remember Manny Harris and Marcus Taylor 

  • Joel_C

    Here we go again

  • Mattski

    My hunch is Burke stays. But if your love is hoop then school can be a big distraction, take away from your development, and something you can do later, if a sheepskin somehow becomes necessary. I’m not sure why people don’t get this. As with the rest of us, it’s not a question of whether you can be the best in the world (how many can?) but whether you can do what you love for a living. 

    That said, I wonder why all this business has to be conducted so openly. Couldn’t the Burkes just quietly go about the business of testing the waters, or does it have to be a circus on an already-difficult day? Maybe it DOES have to be public–somebody tell me. 

  • P-nickel

    Those who stay will become winners, good luck to those who leave and may their futures be bright! I don’t want to see Burke leave but I do not believe in stopping progress.

  • JimC


  • JimC


  • Scott1222

    The idea of leaving early is because eventually the scouts will have the time to pick apart your game…GO BLUE!!

    • Scott1222


  • mpartington

    If Burke were truly leaving, I can’t imagine why Brundidge would leave the program. He clearly does not think he will get minutes next year. I would be absolutely shocked if Brundidge AND Burke both left the program.