Video: Trey Burke and Jordan Morgan after NCAA tournament loss to Ohio

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke and Jordan Morgan addressed the media in the locker room after Michigan’s five point loss at Ohio in the NCAA tournament round of 64.

Jordan Morgan after the jump.

  • Blu Moon

    It will be great having these two fine Gent’s back next year.  Well spoken in a tough situation.  Tough to get better young players to represent the M program. True “Michigan Men” in the making.

    • TMURDA

      Typical Beilein recruits. Just great kids. Morgan is a great guy. Fighting through all that emotion to put on a game face.

  • tyler

    i think that 2nd morgan interview says it all 

  • jemblue

    Great interviews.  The guys feel terrible right now but they’ve come a long, long way and we know the future of the program is in good hands.