Video: Trey Burke, Jordan Morgan and Tim Hardaway Jr. react to Ohio State loss

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke, Jordan Morgan and Tim Hardaway Jr. met with the media in the lockerroom after Michigan’s 22 point loss to Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament semifinals. Watch the interviews in the embedded media players below:

Morgan and Hardaway after the jump.

  • Oak Park Dave

    I’m sure that this felt terrible for the players. It wasn’t fun for me.  They need to get mad and win in the NCAA.

  • jemblue

    Could Corey Person possibly give us a few minutes (like Akunne-type minutes) in the tourney?  He’s looked decent in his recent mop-up outings  (Purdue, Ohio).

  • Scott1222

    One of the positives from the game was the drive where THJ took it to the rack strong and was gonna yoke it w 2 hands….be aggressive Timmy….at times he’s looks a bit timid….