Video: Glenn Robinson III leads Lake Central to sectional title

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan commitment Glenn Robinson III led Lake Central to its first sectional title since 1997 last week with wins over Munster, East Chicago and Highland. Lake Central is now 21-2 and will face Adams on Saturday in Indiana state regionals.  Here are highlights, compiled by Ball is Life, of Robinson during sectional play.


  • Rblackmore

    I still cant’ believe we are getting this type of athlete…..  He jumps out of the gym!  He can shoot!  I can’t remember the last time this type of athlete came to Michigan…..   Look at the sheer number of dunks and the power, height, etc. he dunks with….  

    Gonna be fun to watch.

    • MAO

      brent petway was a great athlete that could jump well above the rim.

  • Cgraham1231

    I think one common thing I see among all our recruits is they need to get a little “thicker”.  I look at guys like Buford, or Draymond Green, and they’re big but they’re thick and can dominate.  I know our guys will get there with help from the strength/conditioning staff.

    Dylan – How good do you think GRIII can be? Any player to compare him to?

    • Just from seeing highlights, I would say Buford is who he compares with more. I dont know if he will be the knockdown shooter that Buford is, and GRIII may be a slight more of an athlete but that is who I see

      • Rblackmore

        I see the Dawson kid from MSU.  Size wise very similar, jumping ability, very similar.   Maybe GRobIII isn’;/t quite the athlete, but then I’ve yet to see a smooth jumper from Dawson…. 


        • He’s not as strong as Dawson and isn’t the same level of offensive rebounder as Dawson (I’m not sure many, if any people are) but I think there are some similarities beyond both being from the region. I like that comparison a lot more than Buford who is more of a shooter.

          • John

             I know he’s a SF but since he’s 6’7 now (and possibly still growing?) do you think he’ll be playing the 4 at all? Or mainly just the 3?

          • Given that the four is an offensive position more like the three in Michigan’s offense, I think that Glenn could certainly play some four next year and throughout his career. Not that that would be Michigan’s default lineup necessarily but with so many teams that try to play small it’s great to have that option.

            For example, against Ohio State… Robinson would probably be best equipped to guard someone like Deshaun Thomas on Ohio State, who generally plays the four.

          • serious

             I doubt that GRIII ever plays against Deshaun Thomas. Alex from Eleven Warriors (OSU blog) mentioned that the thought Deshaun would probably go pro. He said he interviewed him in HS and he planned on being a one and done then – doesn’t expect him to stick around for three years.

          • Yes. Deshaun Thomas has been campaigning to be a pro since middle school. I meant it more as a hypothetical than anything.

        • John

           No, GRobIII is definitely just as good of an athlete.

    • Kokbear

      I don’t see GRIII’s thickness being anywhere close to a problem (he seems normal build to me)… and especially at his position it is not as glaring of an issue as someone like Horford.