Under Construction, Michigan’s Renaissance

Dylan Burkhardt

Penn State at Michigan 26The New York Times profiles Michigan basketball in a feature that discusses John Beilein, facilities and even Bacari Alexander’s Twitter account.

“We notice that people aren’t talking about us yet,” the sophomore shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. said. “We turn on the TV and hear ESPN talking about Ohio State and Michigan State, and that’s fine. We’re the underdogs. We’re going to take care of that by winning, and we feel we’re a team that could win the national championship this year. We believe.”

Photo: Dustin Johnston

  • Wayman Britt

    Good artice about how the program has changed.  Many things have contributed to the resurgence, but I believe the hiring of Bacari and Lavell was huge.  That took some guts on Beilein’s part of getting rid of his other assistants and going out an getting these two up and coming go getters.

    • He might not be a young up and comer but Meyer’s influence on the staff is equally as important and can’t be overstated. He’s been the ace assistant for many of UM’s recent commits.

      • sane1


  • Allen

    I have never really thought about this but how old is JB? Would he ever accept another HC position? Is BA the heir apparent if and when JB leaves or retires?

    • A2JD

      I’ve been thinking that BA would make a great Head Coach but I think Coach Beilein has another 10 years in him.  Coach Alexander will probably be heading some program by then but he could always return.

      • Abc

        Firstly, there is absolutely no way Beilein leaves Michigan to coach somewhere else. He’s essentially worked his whole life to this reach this point and is on the cusp of creating a consistent powerhouse. He is happy and loved at Michigan.

        Secondly, I’ve heard it directly from staff members inside the basketball program that Beilein only wants to coach for 5-6 years. At least that’s the plan, but I guess you never know what’s going to happen the next five years. He’s 59, so he could concievably coach 10 more years.

  • Alex

    Just a great article. I love the attitude and quiet confidence.

    Just try to keep this attitude Hardaway and I think you’re right that this team could go places not only in the future but this year also.

    I know what you mean about ESPN. Gottlieb was saying how Northwestern probably should have beaten us in both games this year.

    Let’s prove them all wrong. So fired up.