Friday Links: Brackets & More

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: Dustin Johnston

  • Mattski

    That Seth Davis piece is a pretty great read, in my view; gotta read it again when the tourney starts. Pretty right on about the B1G, including Sullinger, who is a disappointment, in my view. Undersells M’s fine D, though, especially down the stretch. Might be true that Hardaway needs to play tougher, but all those rebounds last night sure make a good start. 

    Appreciate that the Washington Post is keeping tabs on Manny Harris. WT? 

  • Sven187

    Man I really hope we end up in the St Louis region.

  • jemblue

    The WSJ article is a little embarrassing.  I’d like to see our team up the tempo in coming years as we get better depth.

  • Kenny

    The WSJ piece forgot something, there is nothing to be shamed of by winning with strategy, discipline and team defense and offense. basketball is not 3 point shooting contest and dunk contest. Yes, basketball is become more of coach’s game, but it is more fun to watch than 10 men chasing a ball.