Coming Home: Strong Family Ties for Former Lake Forest Star Matt Vogrich

Dylan Burkhardt

IMG_7573Matt Vogrich profiled by Jon Kerr in Vogrich’s hometown Lake Forest Patch:

It’s been a challenging year for Vogrich, who entered his junior season expecting to make a quantum leap in his college career. But a knee injury two weeks before the opening game slowed him considerably as it marked the first time he has dealt with a basketball-related setback.

“It affected me more than I thought. I thought it was a light thing and I would hurdle over it,” said Vogrich, who sprained the MCL in his left knee and was forced to wear a knee brace for a period of time. “I rushed it back and with the brace, I wasn’t shooting great. And when something like that happens, it hurt my confidence.”

Photo: Dustin Johnston

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    Nice article on Matt. Good read.

  • MaizeNBlueGA

    I think Matt could be huge during the upcoming Big Ten Tournament and NCCAs.  He’s really starting to shoot the ball with confidence again…..excited for him and the team.  BIG fan of Matt…

    • TMURDA

      Yep. Remember his boost during the Tennessee game last year? Looking for more of that this year.