Michigan 56, Ohio State 51

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 56, Ohio State 51- 11
Photo: Dustin Johnston

Michigan outlasted Ohio State to remain undefeated at home last night. Here’s a run down of all of our post-game coverage:

  • GregGoBlue

    This has been one of the greatest days in Michigan sports history. 

    • Guest

      hey now 

  • Nick

    is there only 1 comment because nobody can get the site to load?

  • Champswest

    Big time win on a big day for UM sports for a team that is definately back in it.  Thank you Zack & Stu for re-building the program.


    If we can play like these last two games we might play into April

  • Senator Murphy

    I love everybody.

  • DingoBlue


  • GoBlue

    Just wow. Go Blue and thank you Dylan & Co. for your loyal coverage!

  • drewfull

    what an incredible game/evening. Michigan as good of a chance of anyone in the B10 race now

  • gpsimms

    so happy for stu and zack right now.  words cannot descrive what those two have done for the program.

    quick shout out to david, cj, manny, and peedi, but make no mistake: zack and stu own michigan basketball, and it’s future.

    • gpsimms

      its future.  not it’s future.  so excited.

      • Yahaj

        U such a dork man. Embarrassed for you

  • Mattski

    Huge win. Did not see this team being this good. They can find a lot of ways to beat you, too. Hardaway’s struggles may have carried a silver lining in that regard, especially if he stays solid from here on out. 

  • Sndkja

    Whooooo! Go Blue! So Drunk! So many commits! Whoooooooo!

  • goblue85

    Go Blue!  big win.  ill miss stu and novak   great leaders.  but I love burke and glad he is a michigan man.  

  • Senator Murphy

    I want to see Novak’s ZERO in the rafters. His numbers don’t do justice to his impact on the program. This is his and Stu’s program and will be for years to come. But Zack is the heart of this team and has been since his Freshman year. His jersey belongs in the rafters.

    • Sdnjask

       agreed 10.000%

      • Sadj


        • gobluemd16

          Same, this guy puts his heart and soul on the floor and gives 110% EVERY play of every game.  I wish so badly I could go to senior night, but he better get the biggest ovation when his name is announced.  That guy has done too much for this program.

    • Goingfor4inarowoverMSU

      agree also

  • Alex

    Hail to the Victors Valiant.

  • ScottGoBlue

    Great win tonight. We played smart and with great effort. This team is for real. From video clips posted here, Digger Phelps said there were only two quality basketball teams in the big ten this year, MSU and Ohio. Jay Bilas was all but rooting for the Bucknuts while doing the color commentary. And all SportsCenter could say is, “Michigan finally beats Ohio State.”

    • ScottGoBlue

      Whether anyone recognizes it or not, we are fully in the race for the B1G title. MSU and OSU still play each other once more. So let’s just take care of our business one game at a time. Congrats, especially to Stu Douglass and Zach Novak. Look what you’ve done!

    • ChathaM

      Digger also made a reference to how much 1-3-1 zone Michigan plays. I think we can pretty safely discount anything Digger has to say.

  • Marc Oren

    I can’t stand the way this game was called.  Ref’s allowed too much play and then got very touchy for stretches. 

    It doesn’t fell like this is consistent in college bball at all.  If the ref’s let play happen in the NCAA’s, that’ll benefit B10 teams.  If the whistles blow quickly, the B10 will be eliminated quickly.

    • serious

      Lighten up, friend. We won.

  • Goingfor4inarowoverMSU

    Novak hold the record for most charges taken in a career…he broke that in his first season lol

  • Justingerstung

    Burke = freshman of the year… Any doubts?

  • MGoTweeter

    Oh HELL YEA!!  GO BLUE!!!!!

  • ForeverBlue

    Great game.  JB was just beaming in the pre-game interview, can’t wait to see him in the post-game comments.  Burke made it happen in the end but there were a lot of great efforts tonight, not the least of which was Stu’s defense. 

  • Kikod

    Awesome. Just Awesome!

  • MGoTweeter

    Boiler Up!

  • Rkwboo

    We need to bring shoelace and tree on the road!LoL