Michigan 68, Indiana 56

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan fell asleep at the wheel and let a 20-point lead dwindle to just two points late but held on the survive Indiana’s comeback surge. The Wolverines knocked off the Hoosiers by a final score of 68-56 to move to 17-6 (7-3 Big Ten) on the season.

Post Game Coverage:

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  • Wayman Britt

    Good poise and foul shooting at the end.  Love Stu’s game tonight.

    • Bruce

      Never would have guessed even 2 years ago that he would pass up a fairly open 3, and put the ball on the floor to go to the rack (2nd play of the game).  Great sign of coaching and the willingness to be coached!

    • Joel_C

      Was frustrated with Stu for much of the game, but once again he hit a huge 3 to seal the game.

  • eddieben

    Another rpi top 50 (25?) win. Holding IU to under 60 is a monumental achievement.

  • kainkitizen

    The boys finally finished a game off with the positive outcome of winning the game.  It was great to see the boys go 7-3 in conference play at this point in the season.  Lets make it 8-3 on Sunday.  Great win boys!!

  • jemblue

    As nerve-wracking as this game was, I knew Novak would hit that three that put us up five, and I thought the same about Hardaway’s.  This team has a way of “making games interesting,” but they’re pretty cool customers in pressure situations.  

  • jemblue

    By the way, why did this game start at 6:30 and not 7:00?

  • JDiesel

    Great win.  Very impressed with the D during the last 5 minutes.  After they got the lead to 1, the D put the screws on and came up with several excellent stops.  Thought Stu played excellent D, has been making great decisions on O, and finally stuck a big 3.  Psyched for the MSU game (my first trip to Breslin)…

  • MGoTweeter

    very good win even with the brutal last seven minutes of the first half.  Nice to see the team come out strong after the disappointing loss in Ohio.  I would like to see more of a rotation of the top six players than was used tonight.  I thought Smotrycz played a good game except for the dumb foul at the end of the game.  Plus with the way this team can go through offensive slumps, it might help to get a different lineup in there and try something else.  Not to mention Hardaway is not exactly lighting the world on fire right now and his defense is just as bad as Smotrycz’.  

    On to Sunday, Beat the Spartans!

  • q-sac

    love the determination to win close games down the stretch (minus arkansas when trey’s triple somehow rattled out). the next step is crushing teams when they up comfortably instead of letting them back in the game. purdue and now indy. this team’s got talent – proven they can compete with anyone. but it kills me how they never put teams away when they have the chance, and play down to lesser opponents for much of the game. not saying indy is less talented, and big ten teams always seems to go on a run when they’re down – but just in general mich lacks that killer instinct when the opportunity is there. hopefully that’ll change. that said – can’t wait til superbowl sunday in east lansing.

    which win would be bigger – saturday at msu or at home w/ gameday against the buckeyes in feb… i can’t decide

    • Joel_C

      If I could only pick 1, I’d personally take a win against OSU, since we already beat State…..though we could potentially sweep the Spartans….hmm……

    • okemos

      We’re not good enough to talk about how we should be blowing out anyone, let alone Purdue at their place and a ranked IU team. It has nothing to do killer instinct. It’s just Big 1G basketball; the teams are evenly matched and even the bottom feeders can bite you. 

  • section13row15

    The way that Hardaway is moving out there, does anyone think he might be nursing some minor injury that he’s playing through right now? He just doesn’t look 100% to me and hasn’t for quite awhile.

    • Mattski

      I appreciated the announcer’s defense of him last night. Under heavy scrutiny from fans–and amid outsized expectations–his performance has seemed to lag. But he continues to average 14 points, and he’s clutch. I’m tickled to think he’s around next year. 

      Huge win for M last night. Still no one on fire and this is Beilein’s best team yet.