Michigan-Michigan State Rivalry Featured on The Journey

Dylan Burkhardt

Video from MGoVideo

  • A2MIKE

    Curious if anyone else thinks their is a possibility that the Spartans will be placing too much emphasis on our game on Feb 5.  I think this happens with college teams in both basketball and football.  I think it happened with our football team when they played in EL this year.  You can be so focused on one thing that you put your blinders on to everything else.

    • Mattski

      I think some MSU people are a little bit blinded by their hatred, generally. In the end, that gets old, wears on people–including the general public. . . just begins to look like whining. I know they’ve got good reasons to resent UM–they’ve gotten killed by the legislature the last few years, while M’s endowment rose; they’re national rep and rankings are inferior, etc. But they’re not playing their cards with any grace, at least not lately. I miss the days of Magic and Heathcoate–those people had some class. The football thing this year was a disgrace. 

      The thing is that we’re back to some parity, and that really is a great thing. I hope some of their people can come to recognize that. 

      Or maybe Izzo just feels obligated to talk crap like that? Unbecoming.

  • ForeverBlue

    There was some great footage this segment. 

  • Rdogoblue

    How great is it that this rivalry is relevant again? Seeing footage from that 50-point blowout reminds me how far we have come.

  • WilmetteBlue

    What great men we have representing our university.  I can think of few Michigan athletes I’ve respected more than Zach Novak.  

    Also, BTN and especially The Journey is such a great asset to our conference.  I’d definitely show this clip to any recruit that is deciding between us and a non-BT school.  That music sends chills up my spine.  

  • gpsimms

    I love, love love the journey.  I think the production value is excellent, the music is excellent, the clips and interviews are excellent.

    I wonder if it’s some sort of masochist in me, or what, but for some reason, my favorite segment from the journey is from the msu loss in peedi’s senior/manny’s junior year.

    When those kids come back in the room…and peedi, who made a great, great play, and just had the ball rim out….and had made so many great plays for michigan, and will always go down for me as one of the dudes who brought UM back to the tournament, he says, “man, i don’t ever wanna play basketball no more.”  

    he breaks this silence with that.  it’s no wonder that team fell apart that year. i loved those dudes, and they loved the game, and michigan.  and they had their hearts destroyed that night.  the journey caught it, and i’ll never forget it. 

    that is why i always get up and say something when someone talks crap about that year.  there is no way that manny didn’t leave it all on the floor.  there is no way that peedi didn’t give it his best.  i loved those two dudes, and am drunk, and that is how i feel at the moment.

    • gpsimms

      why am i not always called gpsimms?  i am putting gpsimms as my name right now…simms.greg is just my email…anyway.

    • Mattski

      Is that stuff archived somewhere? That’s when I started getting back into M basketball; would love to watch it. 

  • kainkitizen

    Excellent story written and produced. It does send wild chills down the spine.  The big ten network is getting crazy good with stories of the conference.  Bring on the team from the south on Sunday!