Video: Trey Burke, Jordan Morgan and Zack Novak Talk Win at Purdue


Here’s Jordan Morgan, Trey Burke and Zack Novak after Michigan’s first road win of the season at Mackey Arena, where the Wolverines hadn’t won a game since 2003.

Morgan and Novak after the jump. 

  • chrissays

    smh at the guy interviewing novak. think hes talking more than novak is…

    • gobluemd16

      Amen, that guy was really annoying

      • Altcountry

        “So, you’re in first place…is it important to protect your spot?”  Novak should have said, Yes, it’s better to win games than to lose them – so, uh, yeah dumbass.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Looks like the visitor’s locker room at Mackey hasn’t been renovated in 30 years. Did they pull those lockers out of a local high school that shut its doors or something?