CBS Sports: Jon Horford Doesn’t Travel to Purdue, Redshirt Remains Option

Dylan Burkhardt

Despite John Beilein informing reporters yesterday that Jon Horford would travel with the team to Purdue and “may” play in tonight’s game, Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports is reporting that Horford did not travel with the team and that a redshirt remains a viable option.

Source told that Michigan’s Jon Horford didn’t make trip to Purdue; decision still to come whether he’ll redshirt this season.

Update: Confirmed.

Horford is eligible for a medical redshirt if he doesn’t return to action this season but could provide a boost to Michigan’s thin front line which features Jordan Morgan, Evan Smotrycz and Blake McLimans.

  • kruser

    Big difference to what JB said this week. However, Purdue isn’t a big team….if there is a team to get away with a small front court it’s Purdue. Purdue reminds me of UM 2 years ago. One big man and a bunch of 3 point shooters.

  • Mattski

    May be a subject of hot debate among the coaches, some of it resting on Smot’s struggles lately. I think this guy can be fabulous and see this year as a bit of a developmental stage–I won’t be surprised if they redshirt him.   

  • Bbuck5

    i think they need him this yr.this is not good for incoming player ether.all i know is they have not been the same since he has been out.GO BLUE!!!!!

  • Indiana_Matt

    Does it complicate our scholarship situation to have him around an extra year?

    • rlcBlue

      Doesn’t look like it – it would effectively move him from the six man senior class of 2014 to the three man senior class of 2015 (a class that Bielfeldt is probably moving out of, since he sure looks like a red-shirt at this point).

      Horford red-shirting would have no direct effect on the squeeze with the incoming class in the fall of 2013 – that problem remains to be solved, with the most likely solutions being early departures for the pros (Hardaway?, McGary?), transfers (Christian?), or changes in status (Hatch? McLimans?).

    • Kenny

      only come to 2014 class, for which no offer has given out yet.