Zack Novak Featured on BTN’s The Journey

Dylan Burkhardt

Zack Novak was featured on last week’s episode of The Journey on the Big Ten Network. Here’s a clip of Zack’s segment from MGoVideo:

  • Zack is the man. I can only go to one game this year and I’m making sure it’s senior day. I want to be able to cheer Zack and Stu off the court for one last time. Those guys are responsible for bringing us back.

  • AG2

    “My dad’s a TV repairman, ultimate set of tools.  I can fix it.”  Awesome.

  • GregGoBlue

    Man, I love The Journey so much…

  • mitch

    Never thought I would say this, but I’m gonna miss that guy.  My sparty friends cant stand him. 

  • Wayman Britt

    Nice digs for a student, even with the whole in the wall.

    • rlcBlue

      One wonders if Bartelstein’s dad might be paying more than just Josh’s share of the rent.

      Guessing that was Zack’s Polish flag to cover the damage?

      • jturn14

        Yeah, Mr. Bartelstein probably owns houses with garages bigger than that.

  • Joel_C

    Haha love the hole in the wall. My favorite player (if you can’t tell from my avatar) :P