Wednesday Links: Looking Back at Michigan’s Third Straight Over Michigan State

Dylan Burkhardt


The aftermath of Michigan’s win over Michigan State has been a bit of a whirlwind so here’s a run-down of all of our coverage along with notable reactions elsewhere.

  • JimC

    My own personal aftermath: was sitting high in section 220 last night, with three obnoxious spartans on my left.  Was dreading the thought of them shouting me down if they had won, so the win was sweet in so many ways. 

    Very nice feature Dylan.  Freep’s (Michael R) article was also clever, as is their headline today:

    Three straight! 

    • Kenny

      No Michael R please, worse than Drew Sharp.  

      • Quaint06

        He’s a harmless little dork.

        • serious

          Harmless? Ummm…. maybe you don’t follow the Michigan football program much?


      sarcasm or not, no michael r please

      • bird

        Michael R. is the twit of the century.  I only needed to suffer through one Daily column of “Roses Are Read” in 1992 to pick up on that.

  • q-sac

    re: predicting the 2012 tournament –

    i think michigan will probably be around a 4-5 seed if they survive this stretch, which i see happening.

    msu at 2 i find somewhat optimistic – very solid team, but not 2 seed caliber. i think the success of past teams comes into play into this ranking.

    buckeyes at 3 – maybe, but i think they’ll probably be 2. most talented team in B1G. a W in c-bus would spectacular, but really can’t wait til the gameday showdown in AA.

    but illinois as a 2 – crazy. yes they beat the buckeyes and have gotten off to a good start, but i don’t see them finishing in the top 3 in the B1G.

    • Indiana_Matt

      I hope unleashing Trey Burke in his hometown will be too much for the OSU to handle.

  • Indiana_Matt

    IU going down to Nebraska indicates they probably aren’t a player. I think Illinois could possibly go 1-4 over their next four. To me, it is a three team race between the Buckeyes, Spartans and us.

  • fresh

    illinois is garbage………..i have seen several games of them this year and they will be losing many games in the near future and i wouldnt be surprised if they end up in the lower tier of the big ten by seasons end

  • Joel_C

    As far as B1G seedings in the Big Dance, I think it’ll go something like:

    2 – Ohio St
    3 – Indiana
    4 – Michigan, Michigan St
    5 – Illinois
    6 – Wisconsin

    8 – Purdue
    9 – Minnesota
    10 – Northwestern

    Actually, that’s probably too optimistic for the conference, but we’ll see.

    • Jeff

      Indiana dropped to 3-4. Looks like Crean still can’t win on the road in the B1G.

      • Joel_C

        Looks like NO ONE can win on the road in the Big Ten right now.