Video: Tom Izzo Reacts to Loss at Michigan


Here’s footage from Tom Izzo’s post-game press conference after Michigan’s 60-59 victory over Michigan State.

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  • skitchbeatz

    Genuine guy. Respect. Still don’t like him though.

  • Trey

    Maybe if you throw your players under the bus more, I will start to respect you

  • Evan

    His press conferences are weird.. I’ve never heard them before so I don’t know if this is normal.  Seems like hes making excuses and going after players…  Revealing that the big guys want to come out. 

    • He’s particularly pissed off in this one but he’s bitchy in general at these things.

    • Flwolve

      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a coach call out his own players like that before.  He comes across as a total d-bag in this press conference.

    • Phil

      He’s usually like this. I click on stuff like this to remember why I don’t like him.

  • Stevenjcullen

    Aww pooooor Keith….was walking on his knees cause he played so much……oh wait 6 mins less then Burke….diff?  Burke made big plays down the stretch

    • BlockM

      Yuuuuup. That’s what it was so fantastic to see Burke working his ass off, running up steps and doing wind sprints on the beach in the videos he released this summer. Insanely well conditioned, so there are no excuses down the stretch.

  • ForeverBlue

    Ha, ha.  Izzo’s guys were just tired and Appling had no legs left to execute the final play meanwhile Burke played more minutes and produced the winning assist. 

  • C_weezy

    I seen the clips of Burke’s workouts before this season started, that may have been the difference.. The kid went hard this past off-season..

    • He certainly seems like he’s got his head on straight and is really focused on his goals, which is great to see. He has a very good basketball mind from what I can tell.

  • Kevin in GR

    I get the impression that conditioning had a lot to do with UM winning this game. Izzo talked about having to play Green so many minutes, Appling “walking on his knees” and Nix asking to come out. Dakitch on tv mentioned how Branden Dawson (I believe) asked to come out and he was surprised by that. All 5 UM starters played either 33, 36 or 37 minutes.

  • GregGoBlue

    wahhh wahhh. Calling out your own players? Making excuses? Complaining about the officiating (even though his team had a chance to win the game and missed the shot)? What ever happened to “Michigan is a great team?” The only good thing he said about us is that we changed our lineup!

    • That’s who he is. You love him if he’s your’s and you hate him if he isn’t. He also hates Michigan. He really hates Michigan. So he’s particularly bitchy after a game like this.

  • BeatingMSU=SweetAsSugar

    for the 2011-2012 athletic season, MSU’s adopted theme in their athletic department is to whine and complain about not winning when they had the control in determining the outcome of the game. Started with Cousins and has moved to Izzo. All demonstrate the behaviors of a frustrated the little brother who didn’t get his way….

  • Sarah

    Does the man know how to lost to Michigan with any sort of dignity….NO. But that is fine our defense was great tonight and obviously he can’t admit that but it was!! GO BLUE!!! Someone get TOMMY some tissues

  • sniff a final 4 please

    I totally respect any team that can win in the big ten with 5 white boys. Kalin is gone and Izzo got outcoached tonight, but lets see what happens in 2 weeks. 

    • Sarah

       We don’t need your backhanded compliment. Sure you have more tradition right now than us. But you should respect where we are trying to go as a program! We respect where you have been at want to get there. But you can’t take away our victory

      • what?

        More tradition, my ass.

        • Sarah

          I suppose I mean recently like since Izzo has been coach. And we were going through all our issues. But you are right we have a great basketball tradition. I did not mean to discount that at all. 


    Tommy should spend less energy on how much he dislikes UM and more time working on his game.

  • Hesslera

    The only reason Michigan fans pretend to respect our basketball program is because of how the football landscape has shifted. Three years from now when Michigan football is where they want to be the rivalry will finally be back to how it should be… Michigan buys wins in football and MSU keeps hanging final four banners.

    Shannon Brown did

    • Sarah

      Get a life troll.

  • mikey_mac

    Great recruiter, great basketball mind, insufferable personality.