Michigan 60, Michigan State 59

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan State at Michigan 31
Michigan holds on to beat Michigan State for the third time in a row, 60-59. Here’s your post game thread and roundup of post game coverage.

Post-Game Coverage

  • Lankownia

    That was…awesome.

  • Hokemania


  • spartynation

    good game. Tough to lose, but waiting for you guys at Breslin

  • beingklauskinski

    boy oh boy….YES boys!

  • Mith

    Thank goodness we pulled that one out.  That would have been a tough pill to swallow after leading by 11 in the second half.

    They did what needed to be done.  Hopefully we can ride some momentum into this tough stretch.

    • Jeff

      These games are tough on the ticker. Last three times we’ve played them, we’ve built a big league, and they’ve made a furious comeback, but we held on.

  • emmekell

    Tough win. Can’t wait for the second one in EL. GO BLUE!!

  • Mattski

    What a pleasure to beat the Screamin’ Izzos.

  • I think I just had 17 heart attacks….lol 

  • bighousemike84

    Trey Burke B1G freshman of year? 8-11 (50% from 3) for 20 points on a night where he had to step up. Bottom line, Michigan doesnt win without his play.

    • rlcBlue

      It will be hard to drag it away from Zeller, given that the press awarded it to him before the season started. But Burke really deserves it.

      • bighousemike84

        Ultimately your right, its Zeller’s to lose. But somethings wrong with the process if Burke doesnt give him a run for his money.

  • SpartyFan

    MSU fan here — congrats.  Better team won tonight.

    • Tdl1417

      Thanks for the kind words.

    • JDB

      Class. Respect. 

    • Mattski

      Appreciate it, but MSU played very tough. Michigan will have its work cut out in E. Lansing.

      • Indiana_Matt

        I agree. To pull that off we will have to really shoot the ball to the best of our ability. And maybe not get outrebounded by 15.

  • bighousemike84

    Game Leaders: Mich- Points, Rebounds, Blocks, Steals, Assists: TREY BURKE

  • Stu Cazzo

    The boys had their chances when the lead was hovering around 7 to 10 points early in the second half to go for the KO blow but didn’t capitalize and it nearly came back to bit them. But credit to them for finding a way to beat a very good team on a night where THJ seemed to be fighting it, especially at the offensive end. The defence was solid for the most part all night, and what more can be said about Burke. Huge win.

  • Rkwboo

    At this point it can be argued who UM best player is.

    • Indiana_Matt


    • Kokobear

      I don’t think it can. In terms of ability… its Burke.

  • Rkwboo

    For the love mr burke is gettin for his play can we give dude credit for his steller defense?!. First jordan taylor and now appling! This guy is doin it at both ends right now! Where are the sparties that said appling would lock trey up on defense? Seemed to b the other way around.

  • God, Trey Burke is such a fighter on defense. With both Appling in this game and Taylor against Wisconsin, he just knew he was faster and wasn’t scared in the least. That block on Appling toward the end of the game was great. He contested the hell out of a three too.

    We really need one of Timmy or Evan to get it going OR get a pick and roll going with Jordan like he and Darius had last year. We can’t keep going to a true freshman point guard to get every other bucket in the clutch. I think Tim is growing into his body again; his stroke still looks fine when he’s open. He also really, really needs to improve his handle. If he doesn’t beat a guy on the first step that guy isn’t getting beaten. Evan seems to have hit a bit of a wall and needs to find himself again.

    Very nice to get the win there. Hopefully we can keep that defensive mentality up.

    • RikSmits

      I agree with most everything you said, but to nitpick Burke is not faster than Appling and Tim should get some credit for a couple of big hoops down the stretch

      • It didn’t look to me like Appling could get by Burke without a screen. If you’re even when you’re on defense I call that the defender being faster. And yes, Tim did get some big hoops on good drives where he beat his guy on the first step. He’s got a good first step. Past that though his handle is still awkward.

        • RikSmits

          don’t get me wrong, Burke was great on both ends. I guess we agree to disagree. I’m just happy that the times that Appling did beat Burke (which wasn’t real often) there was good help waiting. I think Appling is one of the top 5 quickest PGs in the nation, and Burke played him very well

          • You’re probably right. Burke was faster at the end of the game because he had more left in the tank but Appling is probably quicker when both are fresh-ish.

      • Guest

        Burke has a much quicker first step than Appling. When they’re in transition going full out, then yes, Burke is not faster than Appling.

  • Alex

    So awesome.


    HAIL!!!!!!!!! unless Tim has an unbelievable stretch I think it’s safe to say he will come back for his junior year. 2012-2013 Big Ten Champs/Final Four

  • rlcBlue

    Kentucky is making sausage out of the Hogs right now, but Arkansas will be a tough game for a short-handed, tired team that has yet to win on the road. Beilein will have to go much deeper into the bench to handle the press – here’s hoping they can contribute.

    • Guest

      Michigan has about a week off so rest should not be an issue IMO.

      • madtadder

        Michigan plays @Arkansas on Saturday, and Friday will be a travel day I assume. So no, they don’t get a week off.

    • RikSmits

      Arkansas is a different team at home. Recently beat Miss St at home, and looks to have the largest home crowd of the season at 15,000+ Saturday. I don’t think this is a walkover

      • rlcBlue

        Agreed – especially with Burke having logged 184 minutes in the past 13 days and no backup point guard in sight…

  • Post game videos coming up soon guys. Stay with us!

  • chris

    God, I’m more worried about Trey leaving after this season now than Hardaway

    • I doubt he will do that with the point guard class coming out and his size. I think this year has been instructive for Tim in terms of what he needs to work on. I doubt either guy leaves.

      • colin

        Especially considering what they’ve got coming in.  It’s gotta at least matter that they’ve got such a great chance to be part of something special.

      • skitchbeatz

        Thought DMo would stay too…

        • Yeah, true. I still think he got bad advice. It was pretty weird circumstances that had him go.

          • skitchbeatz

            The advice wasn’t THAT bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LpXxBiiix0

          • ColinNer

            I wished DMo would have stayed too but I understand why he left. With the lockout and some big time players announcing they were coming back for their sophomore years, it was his best opportunity to go in round 1. Obviously that didn’t work out but I understand.

      • Dyenimator

        PG class coming out is pretty bad.  Only notables are Tony Wroten and Kendall Marshall.  Regardless, I don’t think Burke would be a guaranteed 1st rounder, so I think he stays.

    • Indiana_Matt

      I know what you are saying, but I think they both stay.

    • Guest

      Burke isn’t particularly an explosive, quick twitch athlete. He’s not a real big PG. If you’re 5’11”, you better have unbelievable quick first step.  To me, he’s similar to Kalin Lucas with better shooting. I expect Burke to stay for 3 years then bolt for NBA.

      • Indiana_Matt

        I’d say 3 sounds about right.

  • Colby84

    Great atmosphere and win, was there any recruits at the game? So big for in state.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Reading that, I just realized that our 2012 and 2013 classes are full, right? Are we chasing 2014 kids at this point?

  • Mattski

    I would not have thought we’d be first in the B1G at this point in the year, or–absent outright collapse–looking like a lock for the NCAA tourney. Congratulations, MBB! 

    Meanwhile, Beilein has four days to prep for AK; I like our chances to get that 16th win. 

  • MGoTweeter

    GO BLUEEEEEEEEEEEE!  That was fantastic even if I did have flash backs to Kalin Lucas on Green’s shot at the buzzer.  Great great win tonight.  Thought UM gave it away with 4 unforced turnovers in the second half and the missed free throws, but the men came up big on D.

  • kainkitizen

    I’m so happy!  Looks like Mr. green missed his opportunity not to loose against his rival.  Shame on him for talking smack and not backing it up!  Excellent win Maize&Blue. 

  • goblue85

    torrent?   be another keepsaker to add the list.  Denard at end was great.   I like this kid represents Michigan well.  GO BLUE

    • Check MGoVideo tomorrow. Not sure of a time frame yet.

  • ForeverBlue

    JB had a heck of a gameplan tonight.  Of course had Burke not been flat out exceptional it wouldn’t have mattered but I knew sooner or later we were going to see that small lineup again.  It got Michigan off to a fast start.    

  • One more thing: Morgan was an absolute bull on defense today. Great to see him do that without picking up fouls.

  • gpsimms

    late to the party, just finished watching the game: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Go Blau

    Few observations:

    – It’s hard to win on the road in Crisler. Some people act like UM is the one team that doesn’t have a home court advantage, but this team has proven otherwise. This year, Crisler is far scarier than the Kohl. 

    – All the “no signature win”/”hard to figure out” talk is now obsolete. Esp since Wisconsin will look better as league play continues. If they win the games they’re supposed to win from here on (which easily includes the home games against Indiana and Illinois), they’ve booked their ticket. 

    – Burke > Appling, Burke > Taylor. Forget about 5’11, “quick twitch”, Darius comparisons — this guy can flat out ball. If you want a valid comparison, see Ty Lawson.