Scouting Video: Mitch McGary vs. Tilton at Hoophall Classic


2012 Michigan commitment Mitch McGary had three points in Brewster’s 57-53 win over Tilton on Sunday afternoon. McGary was 1-of-9 from the field but did grab 13 rebounds, a block and a steal. Watch footage of McGary in the embedded media player below:

Find some additional clips and a video interview with McGary after the jump.

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  • Chris

    “I want to take my talents there and put my foot down and like an imprint, my FIRST COUPLE YEARS THERE!”

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    The Brewster coaches ran absolutely nothing through McGary, and my bet is that most of his 8 misses came on put back attempts. Brewster was running what looked to be some awful imitation of the UCLA high post offense, but really the team just ended up having a wing go one-on-one with his defender until something happened. Looked like an ego-driven squad as opposed to a true team.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Dylan, your thoughts on this:
    I think the person who will be most impacted by the incoming freshman next year will be Smot. Honestly, if McGary and GRIII can pick up the offense somewhat quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a starting line-up of (1) Burke (2) THJ (3) GRIII (4) McGary (5) Morgan. Smot did well against lackluster competition in the preseason, but his production against the strong/quicker B1G players has really left something to be desired. You can’t teach him athleticism/quickness, and his ball-handling is never going to be good enough to drive the lane without being stripped. His rebounding has improved, but I’d take McGary over him in a rebounding battle in a heartbeat and maybe even GRIII. His main upside is his shooting, and even that is hit or miss due to his hot/cold streaks.

    • Quaint06

      I’m not Dylan, but for months I’ve thought that Smot is going to see a reduction in minutes for the next two years of his career. Part of that stems from the idea that even if you don’t have the lineup you sketched above, and I bet we do see a lot of it, you could go Burke-Stauskas-THJ-GRIII-McGary. 
      Also, you absolutely could start Smot, particularly early in the season, but you’d have Morgan coming off the bench, with Horford in the mix, as well as Brundidge getting minutes in a smaller lineup, so Smot could start but play 18-22 minutes. In ’13, add Zak Irvin, with Donnal getting some minutes…it’s going to get very crowded. I myself like the idea of using him as a sharp shooter in moderate minutes. But then again, whoever earns it…we don’t know how quickly GRIII will develop, and we’re not certain THJ will be back next year.

      • Mattski

        I’ve never seen Smotrycz as quite as promising as some here do/have–he just lacks the athleticism to be an elite player. But he’s a smart guy, despite a tendency to sulk. By next year I think he’s a steady, solid contributor. And in his fourth year he could well become one of those guys–a la Wisconsin–who just cold-bloodedly kills you from three. 

        On the other hand, a really strong Morgan, with some serious confidence in him, could do serious damage with McGary et al, and as YpsiTuckyBoy says, likely gets more of the starter’s minutes in B1G play.

  • Champswest

    Will be fun to see MM rebounding and playing post defense next year.  He and Morgan could be a force together.