Video, Notes & Quotes: John Beilein Reacts to Loss at Iowa

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein addressed the media after Michigan’s loss to Iowa and talked about the decision to bench Trey Burke with two fouls, what went wrong and how Michigan will grow from the performance.

Notes and quotes after the jump. Many thanks to for helping out with video footage.

  • “Great win for Iowa. They really played very well. I told my people and my team that I thought they were more like the Wisconsin win and the Minnesota win than the games against Michigan State and Ohio State. They showed that today and we didn’t play one of our better games. Iowa was the reason for that.”
  • On sitting Trey Burke early: “I missed the first foul. I was taking him out because I thought he had one on him but he actually had two and we just miscommunicated on the bench. I think we still could have gotten out of that better. We took a couple ‘hope’ threes and threw a couple ‘hope’ passes. We had eight turnovers in the first half, they weren’t because we didn’t have a point guard – although we missed him – we just didn’t do what you have to do in the road in that half. Having to come back and come back on the road is always tough.”
  • More on Burke: “It was five or seven (points), if it got to double digits [I would have put him in] – it didn’t get to double digits until the buzzer. I didn’t see that as being the issue. The issue was some wide open looks that we didn’t hit and then we made some bad choices that weren’t his plays anyhow.”
  • On Jordan Morgan not getting many touches: “He gets a lot of his touches off of ball screens and they did a really good job defending ball screens in the first half when Trey was not in there.”
  • On Smotrycz’s struggles: “He didn’t make shots. We just have to keep practicing and practicing. There’s no formula. He’s going to practice hard and he’s going to get better. It’s like a hitter that’s all of the sudden hitting the ball right at the short stop or center fielder. It happens in basketball too, you go through these things and there’s no magic formula except to work it out.”
  • On being able to sustain a comeback: “We couldn’t string anything together. We had some good looks that we needed to hit. What we had been able to do previously, against Northwestern, was get second possessions. Iowa did a great job of blocking out and we didn’t get extra opportunities.”
  • On the Iowa’s zone: “They kept changing (defenses). We have to keep changing and adjusting and adjusting and they induced us to taking ill advised quick shots just because it was different. When you play against changing defenses like they do, you really have to be on target with how you are executing. We didn’t do that enough today.”
  • On Devyn Marble: “He’s a great, great player. His best is yet to come. He’s got a young birthday, he’s just 19 and he’s sophomore and will be a great Big Ten player.”
  • On Hardaway struggling: “I think all of our guys have to keep working. He’s our leading scorer but just like Evan he’ll keep working. We don’t beat Northwestern if he doesn’t go on a run and hit four or five in a row in the first half. Maybe trying to get better shots but it’s part of basketball and anyone that’s really a good perimeter player is going to go through this.”
  • On four games in eleven days: “It is what it is, it’s a tough schedule and we have to get ready for Michigan State. It’s college basketball and we have to seize everything as an opportunity to grow and get better.”
  • On Hardaway not forcing things “I don’t have to tell him, he knows not to press. But he might have put some extra pressure on himself with Trey out. Our film session tomorrow, where we always really grow, it’s not a love fest even after wins but it is a lot of teaching moments after defeats. It hits home a little bit harder when they see they can play better.”
  • Mattski

    Three games in six days–came out flat and stayed flat. Maybe benching Burke pays off against MSU. 

    I am really puzzled by the way losing a fourth game in 18 give fans license to unleash the hounds of hell on such a respected coach. I’d like more of a gambler’s mentality with fouls, too, but. . . yeesh. And I agree with Beilein’s explanation to a considerable degree–replay is going to show that we had a chance to pull within eight there, Hardaway missed the front end of a one one one, then the walls caved in and we marched into halftime down big. Had we gone in down eight, six, or less–as seemed entirely possible with two-plus minutes left in the first half, I’m not sure anyone complains much about Burke. 

    Personally, I’d have liked to see less Smotrycz, but this is a team with seven, eight players; a smart coach doesn’t throw in the towel on his players. Both he AND Morgan are pretty fragile psychologically, it looks like, and both sophomores. For those who can’t remember, that means 19 years old. 

    • maxwell’s demon

      Beilein is a big boy, he can handle a little criticism, especially when it’s well earned. Nobody was calling him names or saying he was a bad coach. He didn’t lose the game for us today but he contributed.

    • Voskuil

      I think Iowa would have probably won anyway, but sitting Burke for the majority of the first half was basically like conceding the game. We have no chance to win on the road against a team playing halfway decent w/o Burke on the floor.

      • we had every chance to cut that to 5 or 6 until just about the end of the half, i’m not sure how you’re saying that was the whole game.

      • ChathaM

        One thing I found myself thinking while Burke was on the bench was how difficult this season would have been had Beilein not struck gold by finding Burke. Even if Burke were a “normal” freshman, UM would struggle to score consistently.

        If Beilein were to reconsider his policy of sitting anyone with 2 fouls for the rest of the first half, he’d have to allow Burke to be the exception to his rule. Beilein did gloss over how much Burke was missed out there (which he has to do, of course), but that kid simply has to be on the floor for this offence to click.