John Beilein Addresses the Team After Northwestern Win

Dylan Burkhardt

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Post game coverage below and game highlights here.

  • Mattski

    A lot of people question whether Beilein’s iron-clad yank ’em after two fouls policy is always the way to go. Can we point to (m)any instances where we lost because of it? Certainly, as much as they missed Zack in the first half, he arguably came in fresh and energized the team in the second. . . 

    • wolverine_longhorn

      Virginia, where Tim Hardaway was yanked quickly after two fouls which meant we could barely hang on to keep it fairly even in the first half when we could’ve had a substantial lead, and then he was all out of sorts in the second half and we got hammered.

      It’s not my personal preference and I think it’s too conservative, but won’t be a deciding factor in too many wins/losses going forward unless both Tim Hardaway and Trey Burke pick-up 2 fouls simultaneously and then are forced to sit.

    • Fvsdevin

      I agree with wolverine_longhorn, 

      the Virginia game was a clear example of this.  And I can remember the same happening with Manny Harris a few times (of course I can’t remember the exact games).