Tuesday Links: Michigan Ranked 13th, Horford Update, More

Dylan Burkhardt
  • umnyc

    No offense to the “Inside the Hall” folks, but Indiana’s offense was pretty simple to dissect. Watford was unstoppable, which lead to easy high/low with him and Zeller. Done. Can’t wait to play them again at Crisler.

    • rlcBlue

      Well, if Watford were truly unstoppable, I wouldn’t be looking forward to playing them again. But we did stop him for the last 5 minutes of the game. It’s good for us to know how we did it so we can do it again.

      So, the “How not to stop Watford” version of IU’s Film Session:

      1) IU pushes the ball in transition, creating a mismatch (Douglass covering Watford), but rather than trying to post up the man with the 7 inch height advantage, they give him the ball outside the 3 point line and set a ball screen. This is a bonehead move, but it works for them when Vogrich fails to hedge on the ball screen, allowing Watford to take the ball deep into the lane. Morgan comes up to stop the drive, and nobody rotates onto Zeller under the basket.

      2) Smotrycz can’t  slow down Watford’s spin. Morgan comes up to stop the drive, Douglass and Hardaway are too late rotating onto Zeller under the basket.

      3) Morgan hedges on the ball screen and Smotrycz is late rotating onto Zeller diving to the basket.

      4) Novak screams at Smotrycz to cover Watford, who is standing on the bronze plaque engraved Christian Watford beat Kentucky from this spot as seen in 300,000 replays over the past month! Smotrycz instead plays a one man zone in the lane.

      It was really encouraging to see nothing like this happen against Wisconsin – granted, the Badgers don’t have anyone who creates mismatches like Watford does – but it looked as if we learned a few things about help defense, too…

      • Jeff

        pretty funny stuff.

  • TCrean

    the “inside the hall” analysis is too much for me. 1. give watford ball 2. watford put ball in hoop

    • TCrean

      or… 1. give watford ball 2. watford draws defense 3. watford pass to teammate to put ball in hoop

  • GregGoBlue

    Love Inside The Hall’s screenshot breakdown of the plays. I’d love to see “5 Key Plays” include a few screen shot breakdowns of good offensive sets, personally.