Video: Stu Douglass and Zack Novak Recap Wisconsin Victory


Stu Douglass and Zack Novak met with the media after Michigan’s 59-41 win over Wisconsin and shared what it meant to beat the Badgers for the first time in their careers. Watch the videos in the embedded media players below:

Zack Novak after the jump.

  • kinglouie

    Stu and Zack…two guys sho are creating quite a legacy for themselves. Sometimes it is not the number of stars that a recruit has, but rather the effort and heart that he brings to a team.

    • Scott1222

      Very well said…these guys bleed the maize and blue…keep it going…need Smotty to be a bit more aggressive on the offensive game…Morgan needs to stay outa foul trouble and offense needs to look inside more..he’s certainly capable of post play…which will open court and let the boys start draining 3’s…although team shooting % was low defense really stepped it up..

  • Scott1222

    Great bounce back game after tough loss to Indiana…all tho I personally think refs missed a bunch of calls that cost Michigan a great road win!!!

  • gpsimms

    love love love the quote about novak telling trey he’d never beat wisconsin before, and that trey told him they’d get it done.  kid is a winner.  (also damn I’m going to miss stu and zack when they’re gone)