Video: Bo Ryan Reacts to Michigan Loss


Some quick footage of Bo Ryan after Wisconsin’s loss at Michigan. Ryan tries to explain the Badgers’ shooting woes, what he asked the officials to review and more.

  • ColinNer

    As much as I don’t like Bo Ryan for his winning teams, intensity, and boring style of play, I admire his will to win. I didn’t think that asking for Ted Valentine to check the monitors was the classiest thing to do, but he makes a good point: if he can get two free throws and the ball, that might give his team the chance to come back into the game.

    On a side note: was the incident shown on TV? From the student section I saw Novak wind up to give Stu a big high 5. As he is swinging his arm, Bruesewitz picks himself off the floor and Novak hits Bruesewitz in the head with his hand. Total accident but I was a little nervous that Novak might be hit with a flagrant foul.

    • i am bill

      That’s exactly what I saw.

      I think that’s what they were reviewing, but CBS didn’t have a shot of it because it was so far behind the play.

  • Steve Stevenson

    Never really shown on TV. The TV crew thought they were looking to see if it was a back court violation or not, and none of the replays had a good angle at Novak once he passed the ball to Burke.