Big Ten-Pac 12 Announce Scheduling Partnership

Dylan Burkhardt

The Big Ten and Pac 12 have announced a scheduling partnership that will affect all sports – including basketball.

The new agreement will tie them throughout the regular season, as well — and in all sports, though football and basketball are the focal points.

Basketball games similarly could land in such NBA arenas as Los Angeles’ Staples Center or Chicago’s United Center, four teams sometimes gathering for doubleheaders.

Many sports, including men’s and women’s basketball, are expected to start bumping up interconference scheduling as soon as 2012-13. Football’s schedules typically are built years in advance and would require a ramp-up to 2017.

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  • Kenny

    This is huge for football, potentially shutting ND out of the scheduling. Basketball wise, much less impact. 

    • Four team neutral site doubleheaders could be nice on the schedule though for all involved. Hopefully the Pac-12 improves though because it’s a dreadful league this year.

      • DeathReau

        Has been for a few years.  Only three teams in the final rankings the past two years.  Washington in the 20’s both times and Derrick Williams led AZ finished at #9 last year.  What a drop off..

    • Jreese5384

      I think it will have a possitive impact on basketball….Look at the cities that would benefit from it, Seattle, Sac, LA, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and Minneapolis as sites for the games…..

  • Flwolve

    Will the series with the Pac 12 take the place of the Big 10-ACC challenge in hoops?  Or will they do both?

    • Jreese5384

      They should be able to do both….