Nik Stauskas Winter Workout

Dylan Burkhardt

Holiday breaks for Nik Stauskas present a great opportunity for some outdoor Canadian shooting, usually on film. This time Stauskas takes to the winter Canadian blacktop to put on a shooting clinic making 27 of 32 jumpers from 28-feet.

  • Detroitbry2

    Nik is just showing off. I am more excited about how big he is getting, he is going to be a tough matchup in college. You going to guard him with a guard or a forward, pick you poison.

  • Chris

    With him and Evan… and Tim… and Trey killing it from the outside next year, then who is going to stop Glen Jr, Mitch and Jordan at the bucket?  Being a patient Michigan basketball fan is about to pay off in a BIG way!  

    • Cool Tae

      Who starts?

      • Quaint06

        Maybe every once in a while throw Stauskas in at 2 or 3, move GR to 4 and remove Smot, or keep everything as is above but replace Smot with Morgan.
        If Hardaway leaves, Burke-Stauskas-GR-Smot-McGary.
        Being a patient fan will definitely pay off. Beilein is too good a coach to let top talent not pan out, and if he continues with good recruiting classes, which he should, we *could* be on our way to some years as an elite program, right along with the UNC’s, Dukes, Kansases.

  • SamGoBlue

    Nice recap of the Park Tudor (Yogi Ferrell, Trevon Blueitt) vs. North Central (Ronnie Johnson, Patrick Ingram) game by Hammer and Rails: Looks like Blueitt was one of the more impressive players and finished with 24 points in a blowout victory.

  • Cool Tae

    2more years blue holds up the national tittle trophy…BELEIVE DAT

    • Quaint06

      We’ll definitely have that kind of potential, and we’ll be pretty close to it next year if Way jr. stays. Every starter in ’12-’13 and ’13-’14 should be rock-solid or better, with very capable men off the bench.

  • Brian

    I am in Mississauga, Ontario for the holidays, and I can tell you it is freaking cold here at night.   It certainly shows his dedication to be outside shooting in this kind of weather.  

    • rlcBlue

      I guess Stauskas will be coming off the bench, since he shoots so well when he’s cold…

      That’s a propane heater he’s standing next to, right? The guy who’s shagging the ball for him must be pretty dedicated, too.

  • Wayman Britt

    Wow, that is sick.  Can’t wait til he gets on UM campus.

  • Tom, Too

    He will probably shoot 25 of those (from 7-9 feet past line) during his entire four years at UM.  He can shoot it from far, but so could Matty V….MV was the best shooter in his class.  I would love to see 500 shots a day from 12-15ft at full speed….both sides…those are the shots he is going to have to make….ask Novak.

    Still, impressive to say the least.

    • Sven187

      Vorgrich was and still pretty much is a one trick pony though. When Nick’s 3’s aren’t falling he can still be effective.