Video: Inside the Michigan Locker Room vs. Bradley

Dylan Burkhardt

Video from the Big Ten Network inside the Michigan locker room before and during tonight’s win over Bradley.

Bacari Alexander’s pre-game speech after the jump.

  • sane1

    Thanks for posting those videos. I was at the game and didn’t get to see them; I did see the second half adjustments against the zone, though. Fun to be able to see what they were.

  • Nick

    that was awesome

  • gobluemd16

    Bacari is going to be a collegiate head coach very soon.

  • GoBlueNYC

    I so wish I was the guy whose job it is to try to sneak in and redraw the court on the whiteboard while Coach is teaching. Would learn a ton!!!
    Hope Big Ten Network keeps up coverage like this from the locker room. Love it!