Video: Trey Burke, Evan Smotrycz, Carlton Brundidge and Zack Novak After Alabama A&M Win


Trey Burke, Evan Smotrycz, Carlton Brundidge and Zack Novak met with the media after Michigan’s 87-57 win over Alabama A&M. Watch the interviews in the embedded media players below:

Smotrycz, Brundidge and Novak after the jump.

  • A2JD

    It’s nice to see the smile on CB’s face. It can’t be an easy transition from top 75 recruit to playing so few minutes. I’m rooting for him.

    Also- Has Zack ever said that he’d one day like to be a coach?  He seems like he’d be suited quite well for that.

  • JimC

    Kevin Raftery, welcome.  (probably been contributing for years and I never noticed).  No relation to Bill, we assume.

    Dylan, you’re organizing a nice little syndicate over there.

    • Don’t worry, he’s only covered every game this season :-)

      • JimC

        C’mon it’s still nonconference, and I’ve been busy worrying about OSU, Indiana, Matt Vogrich, etc.

    • JimC

      By the way, if one of you is really bored over the break, why don’t you make an “Our Staff” page with little bio’s. 

    • Regardless, thanks for the love Jim. Unfortunately no relation to Bill, although I have met him before and my dad likes to claim he’s my uncle.