All-Access Video: Game Day Prep with Bacari Alexander


We followed Michigan Basketball assistant coach Bacari Alexander throughout the week as the team prepared for its home game against Arkansas Pine Bluff on Wednesday evening. Alexander discusses the team’s performance to date, what lies ahead for the Wolverines and provides some insight into his family life:

Make sure to read this week’s featured post on my personal blog, Goodness Determined, titled “Breaking News: Someone is Waiting for Your Story,”. You can follow the blog to learn what’s coming next for IMU.


    This is why I love this site. Very intimate, in-depth view of the program. Thanks for the video, David. By the way, your color commentary on the radio this year has been great. You’ve always been a good commentator, but you sound more like a “polished” color man this year. Good job.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Greatly appreciate it. I’m trying to get better lol. It’s a tough job.

  • -B-

    Bacari is awesome to follow on twitter and great in this video.  Thanks David. 

  • Mattski

    A little more full of himself, a little less authentic than I had developed the idea he might be. I’m never super-keen on parents who brag about their right to belt their kids, though, so. . .  

    • Mattski

      Sorry, should have just kept this to myself. I know he is working wonders with our big guys. 

  • Kqwhite22

    great video would love to see more behind the scene with   the coaches some people just don’t no all the work that goes into gameday also all the travel .