Thursday Links: Playing Catch Up

Dylan Burkhardt

Big Ten-ACC Challenge Talk

  • mikey_mac

    Brian’s article at MGoBlog is definitely harsh, but it didn’t feel out of line nor unwarranted. The UVA game demonstrated very painfully all of UM’s flaws in one game, and it was hard to watch. Who’s going to take up the slack on offense? Can this team be quick and smart enough to play B1G defense? Why do we see Division-II-caliber lineups trotted out for minutes at a time? Why can’t they hit free throws? Where is the emotion and energy?
    I’m not hitting the panic button by any stretch — this team is still learning to play and to play together — but these are real concerns.

    • Despite all those concerns Michigan was in position to win with 10-12 minutes left and then let the game slip away. It’s a road game in November. It happens. I don’t think there’s any doubt that this team is capable of defending better.  

      • mikey_mac

        I understand it happens, and that’s why I’m not panicking. However, why ignore the concerns because it’s early?

        Also, I’d like to hear more about why you are so confident that UM can defend better. A simple, likely improvement would be Burke staying in front of his man on drives.

    • Kenny

      What brian doesn’t understand is that basketball is not football. and I really don’t have anything to add. 

    • Mattski

      I don’t believe in harshing on players the way Brian does in that piece, but his description of Evan Smotrycz’s on-court demeanor did kinda match my perceptions. I think that Evan could benefit from just learning to remain a bit more stolid when adversity strikes. The air kinda seems to go out of the whole team as he stands stunned afterward. They need him and they need some energy from him.

       I wrote earlier that by next year he is going to be a fine player, but the truth is that they need him this year.

  • Erob

    I think the fact that playing basketball is even being discussed with Austin Hatch is a miracle in itself.  Can’t wait to see him make his way back to the court!

  • maxwell’s demon

    Oh, Brian overreacted to a loss? Shocking. Those picture pages/videos were great. 

    • sane1

      I believe that that’s Phil Hubbard in the last photo.

    • serious

      Someone criticizing Brian on a Michigan blog that is not MGoBlog? Shocking. It seems as if this has become the ‘cool’ thing to do.

      • maxwell’s demon

        Hey Brian. Love the blog.

        • serious

          I’m not Brian. I’m Brian’s mom.

  • JimC

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but my new B10 power rankings are: 1) OSU 2) WI 3) IU
    4 thru 10) all other teams except PSU & Neb,  11) PSU 12) Neb.