Duke 82, Michigan 75

Dylan Burkhardt

Duke knocks of Michigan thanks in part to 52 percent three point shooting. Michigan moves to the third place game which is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. (ET) on Wednesday (ESPN2) versus the loser of Kansas/UCLA. Post game recap, quotes, Five Key Plays and more in the coming hours.

  • Aiglick88

    We may see them again in March. I would much rather see us win a game in March against them.

    • Aiglick88

      Not trying to get ahead of myself but I am proud of the team for battling.

  • sshow

    Lots of positives to take away from the game. Burke continues to impress with 9 assists and only 3 turnovers. His scoring is a nice bonus. I hope Hardway learned that he can take over games especially when a team like Duke goes on a scoring run. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Nick

    Another Herculean comeback effort. Michigan basketball the past two years has been cockroach-level hard to kill.

  • ATLblue

    We play the way we did in the second half the whole game, we can beat any team in the country. 

  • DB

    Man, Duke just didn’t miss.  They had a lot of open looks, but some of them were just too good.

  • maxwell’s demon

    We at least Burke looks like a star and that this season won’t be like 2009-2010

  • q-sac

    W would been nice but i’ll take where were at. I hope Kansas loses so we get a shot at them again after last year. And burke – kids got game.

    • Joel C

      Me too – I wanna shot at Kansas. And if we win, that’d be 2-1 against 3 top 15 teams in 3 days.

  • UMChrisB

    Came in expecting a loss, it happened. Time to move on.

    That being said, here’s A LOT of random comments/questions from me:

    1) Damnit I hate Duke. I hope we shoot the three like they do in the future. Pretty much every open shot they got, they hit. They were on fire.
    2) Ryan Kelly sure was frustrating us at times. I wonder if thats what we want to see out of Smotz (and McGary next year) in the future.
    3) Austin River’s 3 from Stu Douglass land: Just a NBA talent hitting a NBA shot.
    4) I love how Tim Hardaway bounced back in that second half. 0-6 in the first half and he shrugged it off to start out on fire in the 2nd half and end up with 19.
    5) I reallyyyyyy love Trey Burke already. He hits some clutch shots and opens up the offense a bit more giving us a shooter from the PG position. He has stuff to work on yes, but who doesn’t? The future will be extremely bright and I look forward to watching him develop this season and the next couple as well.
    6) I loved Morgan’s spin and reverse layup in the second half. He was quietly nice for us and was also in the right position at the right time alot. Nice block on D too
    7) I wish we could put back a couple more tip ins. Evan had 2 I think today we couldn’t convert on.
    8) I like Horford’s spin on his miss in the first half. Didn’t convert, but he came
    9) Down 53-47 Novak missed a transition 3 and Duke scored 5 straight. Instead of being down 3, we were down 11. Tough to come back from that.
    10) John Beilein teams are a pain in opponents tails. Even down 17 we refused to go away and got it to with in 6 points near the end.
    11) For knowledgeable basketball analysts/coaches, could you explain to me why we have Burke at the bottom of the 1-3-1 and Horford in the middle? I don’t have an extensive enough knowledge to know why we do that.
    12) I love when we bring Hardaway on that little curl and he has the option to drive or shoot. The diversification of his game is helping create some great offensive opportunities for him.
    13) Sour grapes yes, but I disliked a couple calls Rivers got that Burke didn’t.
    14) Can Big Ten teams replicate Duke’s first half game plan in regards to taking Hardaway away from the offense?
    15) I hope we play UCLA and destroy them. 2-1 with an extremely competitive measuring stick game vs Duke would count as a successful Maui Tournament to me.

    Okay I’m done.

    • deSal

      to answer number 11, the bottom guy is basically the top guy…but at the bottom.  he needs to be able to run the baseline to trap in the bottom corners w/ the wings.  leaving your big in the middle to take away the first pass and protect the basket.  that’s at least how i ran it when i coached (granted it was 9th graders).  also, i’m not sure if michigan traps in the bottom corners though, so my answer may not be correct

    • For #11, I’ll take a stab. The bottom defender in the 1-3-1 has to be able to cover the whole baseline. There’s a ton of sprinting involved in the position and a big doesn’t have the quickness necessary to get sideline to sideline and defender the shooters that spot up in the corner.

    • Toblav

      In addition to the other’s answers, the taller people out front are harder to pass over or around.  The passing, and even seeing the floor, is less effective were as a shorter player would be less effective trapping the guards.

  • 702burkeacre

    Pretty happy after this one, but random thoughts:

    Burke is already our best offensive player. He can take over when he wants, but his next step is to figure out when it’s time to dial it back and use his skills to wake up everyone else.

    Great second half bounceback by Hardaway, but it’s a been a year now and he STILL can’t get up for the first half. Weird.

    Smotrycz played some great D! For real.

    F*** Duke.

    • Joel C

      I agree with your last point.

  • Wayman Britt

    UM showed alot of positive things today. Burke is already a good player, just hope he can hang on all season, which is tough for a freshman.

    We need better shooting out of Stu.  In big games we need Stu to shoot 40% to 50% from 3 point land.  We still don’t have the talent for Stu to go 1 out 6 or 2 out of 7 against top ten teams.

  • A2JD

    Very good effort by our fellas and I think we’ll improve throughout the season.  If this had been a home game, we might’ve pulled it off.

    I hope we can take what we’ve gotten from this trip and build on it.  While I am quite optimistic, I do wonder if we are seeing a case of us playing to the level of our competition.

    We have a few more patsies on the schedule and I want to see us put them away and put them away early.

    Those questions aside, I really like a lot of what I see.

    GO BLUE!

  • Ed

    Any acc Team pounds our small ten teams.

    • Joel C

      Hopefully that’s sarcastic…the big ten seems to be down a bit this year but we certainly aren’t too far below the acc, if at all. Who do they have besides d00k and unc? I think we’ll win the acc-big ten challenge again this year.

      • Erob

        Agreed.  I’ll assume this is sarcasm. 

  • bf1118

    I loved seeing these guys compete…however, one thing I believe they will struggle with at times all year is getting production from more than two guys (burke, hardaway). They’re the only two who can really create for themselves out there and you saw in the first half when teams take away hardaway which i’m assuming more will do after watching that first half. The offense basically lives and dies off of Trey. 

  • C_weezy

    Love the way UM outplayed them in the 2nd half. Maybe a faster start in the 1st half we would still be undefeated!! We needed to play this type of competition early in the season.

    • It’s still pretty early in the season man! They are growing.

  • Beantown

    Game tonight vs. UCLA is on ESPN, not ESPN2.