Michigan 73, Memphis 61

Dylan Burkhardt

Next up for Michigan is a 7 p.m. semifinal game on Tuesday versus the winner of today’s Duke/Tennessee game. Post game coverage coming shortly but for now, discuss the win in the comments below.

  • Mpartington87

    Damnit, I had class and missed this game. Anywhere I can watch the replay besides ESPN3? Caught the last few minutes though — big win for Blue.

    • I couldn’t watch the 2nd half because I had class… everyone else is already on break it seems like. 

  • Billiam

    so we did deserve this ranking?  Holy cow, yes!

  • jka347


  • Prigby

    Keep playin hard boys.  Go Blue!!

  • Guestymcguesterson


  • Brad Stone

    Great win. That game really shows what a big difference coaching makes. No doubt Memphis had more talent, but Beilein made Pastner look silly there

    • gobluemd16

      I agree, great coaching and in-game adjustments by Beilein and staff.

    • Mattski

      Plenty of talent on that Memphis team, but if today showed anything it’s that we’ve got some emerging talent of our own. It wasn’t JUST strategy that won this game, although Beilein definitely won the coaching battle. Horford and Morgan played exceedingly well, and we managed to distribute our fouls well, too. 

  • The Yooper

    Memphis is just so undisciplined….great win for blue and looks like Burke is improving every day!

  • Joe


  • C_weezy

    Great Win UM!! Lets keep it goin

  • JimC

    Favorite moment: Eso stroking the 3, nothing but net!

  • Taddie

    So pleased to be wrong about this game. Also, there’s no way Memphis is the 8th best team in the country. They are talented, but not elite. Look out tomorrow, we’ve got a shot at the Dukies. They’re a great team no doubt, but as we saw last year, a team with great chemistry and vision like Michigan can shock a more talented team.

  • Bill

    Good defense made them work to get anything. Burke showed he’s ready to play against the best. Loved the big guys effort horford as usual worked very hard.

  • Dlkatzman

    Great game and good defense. 

    I am going to be driving for the holidays during the game tomorrow. Does anyone know if I will be able to stream the audio from my phone?

  • Peter

    Dylan: You need a UMHoops equivalent of the MGoBlog moppets…

    • BursleyBlue

      No he doesn’t. I don’t need a second site to avoid

      • Tony Kaminski

        If you avoid MGoBlog you are missing out on a ton of great content. 

        • UM Hoops Fan

          I’m with Bursley on this one — no need to waste my time reading questionable use of stats (unlike the better ones used here) and barely disguised pining for RichRod.

  • Quick Darshan

    Wow.  Great rebounding numbers (especially from Smot).  And holding Memphis to under 35% from the floor.  Impressive

  • John

    Anywhere to watch the whole game replay? I couldn’t watch the game but I would really like to see the replay!

    • M C

      ESPN3.com already has the replay up online whenever you wanna watch!

      • John

        Thank you M C!! You just made my night! I know what I’ll be doing tonight…

        • M C

          Enjoy man…..it was an AMAZING game! Caught it at the bar between finals today! lol HAIL!

  • Anthony

    This game was won on the bench coach b outcoached pasneur and it wasnt even close. So much for pasneurs they cant beat us with twos good game plan except you forgot that michigan runs a lot of backdoors and got wide open off of pump fakes all game long. Also coach b used the zone perfectly today and really slowed memphis down.

  • q-sac

    damn i hope duke wins. payback