Game 3: Western Illinois at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt


Another late tip off for Michigan, who hosts Western Illinois in its third game of the season. Tonight’s game will be streamed exclusively on ESPN3 which is not subscription based but is ISP dependent. See this provider list to see if your ISP is supported. 

Join in the discussion below and let us hear your predictions, in-game thoughts and more. New comments will appear for registered commenters without refreshing the page.

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  • Mikebainbridge20

    Anyone miss sideline girl from the first game??? LOL

  • Jivas

    I call hijinks on one thing: Jon Horford is *not* 250 lbs., unless he’s somehow 7’2″.

  • Bhallcidera

    Let’s hope warm weather can light a fire under this offense

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Not a good start to this half either

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Can we get Smotz out of the game please

  • Bhallcidera

    This team is definitely not focused on this game, I’ll make my conclusion about this team after Maui

  • Bhallcidera

    I do love Novak howeva

  • Mikebainbridge20

    thats where Burke needs to learn. Last year that is a dunk by Morgan

    • IPFW_Wolverines

      I am just glad to see him be aggressive and take it to the hole. Him and THJ should be doing that a lot more. 

      • Mikebainbridge20

        absolutely. Especially because with them out of the game, nobody else has that ability

  • Michigan up 35-32 at the first TV timeout of the second half. Douglass coming into the game for Smotrycz. 

  • IPFW_Wolverines

    Hey Morgan showed up!

  • Mikebainbridge20

    great stretch for Morgan…almost got beat by our own backdoor pass tho

  • Michigan getting a run going thanks to Jordan Morgan. Nice OOB play got him an easy look on offense, great block defensively and then a perfect transition look from Tim Hardaway Jr. 39-32 Michigan.

  • Morgan is running much better now than he did against Wayne St or Ferris.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Giving up way to many easy buckets today

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Calling it right now: Down the line these missed FT will lose us a game

    • buddhafrog

      not going far out on a limb, are you?  Unless our FT shooting improves, this is a certainty. 

  • Western Illinois turning the ball over four out of every 10 trips down the floor. That’s pretty horrific. 

  • sp1ms

    Would be more annoyed with the performance if I wasn’t so annoyed with the commentary.

  • Ceola Clark has to be one of the better players in the Summit League. The kid can play.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    This team is not going away

  • Bhallcidera

     Perimeter defense horrific today

  • Alex Glick

    Anything can happen in any game. See Pitt.

    • Bhallcidera

       Long Beach State was a borderline top 25 team

    • Guest

      More like MTSU over UCLA by 20. UCLA was overrated but still, lose to a bad MTSU team by 20?!?!?

      CLBSU is a very good team who can make the NCAA tourney this year.

  • Bhallcidera

    How are we doing from 3?

  • 7 of 19 from three. Michigan is actually scoring the ball more efficiently than its first two games to this point. Problems have been on the defensive side of the ball where Western Illinois is getting way too many open looks and making a lot of threes.

  • Tim McCormick calls Jordan Morgan the best perimeter screen setter in the Big Ten. He gets called for an offensive foul the next play.

    • JMac13

      In his defense, that wasn’t an offensive foul

      • It wasn’t… but McCormick’s hyperbole is always for a good laugh. Last game he said something along the lines of McGary having the best motor for a big man EVER. He also proclaimed Laval Lucas-Perry’s success as a PG and we see how that worked out.

  • Bhallcidera

    These refs are very whistle happy today

  • Ceola Clark cramping up… tough to go the distance in your first game in almost a year.

  • JMac13

    These refs seem to like blowing the whistle for the heck of it

  • Mikebainbridge20

    wow…I mean…I dont even know how they have a chance with Memphis after watching this game.

  • Alex Glick

    I really hope there are no more espn3 games this stinks.

    • Arkansas Pine Bluff is the only one on the schedule left:

  • davis104

    Killer cross-over!

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Ok seriously why is Smotz in the game?!?!?!?

    • Says a little bit about what they think about Horford. Maybe free throws and a lineup that’s a little more equipped to deal with pressure though? Morgan has four fouls though, that’s why he’s on the bench.

  • Bummer for that Molinari kid. That doesn’t look good.

  • C_weezy

    Wow!! Just seen the score 51-46!! Seems like our offense hasn’t caught up with our Defense yet!!

    • JMac13

      Defense hasn’t been good this game either

  • Bhallcidera

    The announcers botch Smotrycz every time they say it

  • Trey is more of a point guard, whereas Darius was a play maker? WTH does that mean?

    • One of many comments during this game that made no sense. 

  • Bhallcidera

    Wow can’t even put up 60 without FT help, God help us in Maui

  • matt d

    The lack of athleticism on our team is easily visible, it is very hard to watch a Western Illinois simply outjump our players on a consistent basis when they crash the glass. I hate to single  any individual player out, but Evan in particular is simply not a B10 level athlete. If he’s not making shots, he is a liability at this point. Thankfully we’ll be blessed with an infusion of talent and athleticism next year.

  • Alex Glick

    i will wait for Maui

  • Mikebainbridge20

    This might be the worst 3-0 possible lol

  • jcgold

    It wasn’t pretty, but a win’s a win.  Every team has some ones that are closer than they should be, but some things that I saw:

    1.  Trey Burke has lots of talent, and can really shoot.  However, he plays like a freshman.  He’ll develop in time, especially over the course of this season, but he doesn’t seem to let the game come to him right now.

    2.  Is smotz not the most inconsistent player we’ve seen in a while?  

    3.  The pace of this offense frustrates me.  Still way too much outside the arc passing and settling for a 3.  We need to see more in-and-out play, and certainly need to see someone drive to the hoop more often.  Hardaway?

    4.  The D needs work, but its Burke that’s the weak link right now.  He was unable to handle the multiple picks WIU set against him tonight, leaving guys wide open.  

    I complain, but a win is a win.  Better than losing to a team that is currently sub 300 in RPI.

  • Smotz theories? Gained too much weight? He’s front-rimming all of his shots which is usually a sign of tired or weak legs.

  • JMac13

    I feel like we are one those teams that have a tendency to play to level of the competition being faced 

  • C_weezy

    A win is a win my fellow fan-mates. I think UM will treat this game some-what as a loss and definitely come back stronger!! Excited!! Heck yea I would be too if Im getting ready to board a flight to Hawaii lol!! Good luck and Go Blue..

  • Lee

    I fear an artificially inflated non-conference record with zero wins against any meaningful competition. Then, it just might take more than a .500 mark in the conference to make the tournament.

  • Mattski

    Smotrycz a huge disappointment, and so was the game. We will be struggling down the road for those 20-21 wins, it seems to me, if Smotrycz is not a consistent contributor; I don’t yet see where the points will come from. Not much firepower to look to down the bench. 

    But I am happy to see Morgan re-emerging, happy to see Timmy say F this and show he can get his shot(s) when he needs to, and happy to see that Burke can shoot, even if he has his inevitable bumbles. 

  • Alex Glick

    I dare Memphis to underestimate this team. College basketball is unpredictable. There are a lot of things this team can learn. They can definitely win and can definitely lose. I’ll be excited to sneak glances of the team on Monday and see more of the second game on Tuesday.

  • umnyc

    I’m definitely bracing myself for Maui to be ugly… but even if it is, I’m still confident this team will compete and excel in the B1G. Coach B will find a way to work out the kinks and get Burke, THJr, and Smot performing at peak capacity.

  • MGoTweeter

    What’s up with Western Illinois actually being a decent team?  I was expecting another Towson level team and they were much better.  Hats off to them, they are really well coached,  understand their scheme and play hard.  If they keep shooting like they did tonight, they should have an ok year.  

    As for Michigan, I did not think they played that awful.  They were not good by any means, but a lot of the problems right now are pretty simple.  They are not making shots.  Both from the field and the free throw line.  Maybe stepping out of Crisler will help them.  

    There were a few plays that I thought guys forced things into the paint, but not too many.  It would be nice if we could find a way to run a little bit, but Western made that virtually impossible.  It seemed that all their turnovers were dead balls and they always sent three guys back on shots.  

    I know this is not the type of result people want to see, but it really does not matter until Monday.  This team was not going to prepare us to play Memphis at all.  I don’t think you could pick two teams in college basketball that play completely contrasting styles of play on both ends of the floor, as Memphis and Western Illinois do.  

    • storm33

      I see where you’re coming from, but we actually shot pretty well from the field (45%). It was really our defense that alarmed me. Oh and our rebounding and Evan Smotrycz in general.

      • MGoTweeter

        well I would not call 35% on threes and 63% on free throws good.  Plus we missed some layups in there.  Defense was not great, but that was a hard team to defend.  They were shooting terrific for much of the first half and they set a ton of screens.  Smotrycz was bad.  It seems like when he misses his first shot, it is all down hill.

    • MGoTweeter

      Forgot to mention the stripes.  Don’t usually complain much about refs and this complaint has nothing to do with calls going against Michigan.  Rather the refs did tonight the one thing I hate more than anything else that refs do.  They called two completely different halves.  The first, they called virtually nothing.  To the point that Michigan had one foul with three minutes left.  Then they came out in the second half and started calling every little touch.  

      I absolutely hate when officials do this.  It makes it impossible on the players.  The players adjust to a style of play based on calls in the first half, then that gets thrown out the window in the second.  

  • gobluemd16

    I don’t mean to be negative and pessimistic, but I am about to be.  Tonight was awful. Smotrycz was especially horrible in every facet tonight, and he and Vogrich still look way too slow.  They consistently get beaten to the basket on defense, especially Smotrycz.  Our team is going to get absolutely beaten on pure athleticism against Memphis.  That team can jump out of the gym, and WIU seemed to always be higher than us above the rim, as evidenced by them outrebounding us.  This team lost to Dayton by 29 points, we should not have been fighting this hard for victory.  I know this post is harsh, but the team needs to wake up if they are going to contend in the Big Ten or in Maui.  I will say that Trey Burke is going to be an absolute stud.  Kid can ball and I think he is already the second best player on the roster.  Hopefully we can play up to the competition in Maui and have a respectable showing.

  • C_weezy

    Hopefully they can play UP to the level of Memphis come Monday lol!! UM will indeed upset the #9th ranked team…