Merritt’s Mailbag: Ask David Merritt Your Questions

Dylan Burkhardt

David Merritt will be helping out around the site again this season and one of his regular features will be a monthly mailbag. This is your opportunity to ask the former Michigan basketball captain, and current radio color commentator, any questions about the current team.

Submitting a question is easy. Just e-mail it or post it in the comments below. We’ll round up the best and most interesting questions and Merritt will answer them later this week.

Merritt has also launched a personal blog called Goodness Determined. The blog is “Where the Good Associate” and you can follow it to also see what’s next for his brand IMU.

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  • Jon

    What do you see out of Trey Burke thus far? How comfortable does he look in the offense, especially half court? And where does he need to improve?

  • jefalmo

    Much has been made of freshman point guards struggling early. What is the most important thing, or things, for a freshman point guard to “get” in order to be successful? What do you look for to see how he’s developing?


    David, can you talk about how John Beilein supports his former players? Has he supported you directly/indirectly with IMU or with your radio job? What can Zack and Stu expect after this season from Coach Beilein?

  • Joe

    What do you think of Michigan’s bigs thus far? Where can they show improvement but also what are some positives that they are bringing to the table?