Game 2: Towson at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan’s first Division I opponent of the year as it hosts Towson in the “mainland” portion of the 2011 Maui Invitational. Tonight’s game will be streamed exclusively on ESPN3 which is not subscription based but is ISP dependent (provider list).

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  • davis104

    Purdue 63, High Point 62, 1:44 to go

    • Alex Glick

      Is that even d1?

      • Yes, they are preseason KenPom around 150ish.

        • Bhallcidera

          Is kenpom a subscription service now?

          • Yes. Well worth the money and we’ll continue to quote stats, etc. but the full site is a subscription service. 15$/year I think.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    great fastbreak

  • Mikebainbridge20

    typical Novak hustle plays

  • Novak showing off running the break… he’s actually looked to push a few times this year. Not sure how that will translate against tougher competition.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    ugh Vogrich used to be automatic…just couldnt get a shot bc he is slow lol..Cant handle new weight?

    • Duffy

      they were just saying he strained his MCL about 10 days ago

    • Jaisdaddy1

      Burke is going to a great PG, he plays great D and keeps the opposing team honest because of his shot and quickness to the basketball…

      • Jaisdaddy1

        Be nice to see Brundidge get in tonight for a good look…

        • Mattski

          I’m perplexed about not seeing Brundidge. Any insight, Dylan?

          • Brian

            I’m guessing Beilein is going with his experienced players and trying to get his best lineup ready for Maui.  There will be plenty of cupcakes after Maui where he can work Brundidge in more.  

  • skitchbeatz

    zone is killing us

  • Mikebainbridge20

    D is slacking right now…some open shooters

  • Jon Pence

    live tempo-based stats for the game here…

  • Mattski

    Crap sequence around the 8 minute mark. Some nice flashes tonight, but I’m glad there’s another game before Memphis. 

  • Hey, there’s the 1-3-1.

  • Mattski

    Zack: little 30-second clinic for the newbies. 

  • MGoBlue_JT

    I really thought Brundidge would be a 10-12 minute guy….

    • Pretty clear that he’s not in the top eight right now… Beilein doesn’t generally go much beyond that. Here he comes in the game now though.

  • thanks ESPN3 (for nothing)

    • buddhafrog


    • Mikebainbridge20

      worked perfect for me

  • can’t stream.  not sure if it’s ESPN so much as Time Warner… hard to get UM hoops games on the West Coast!

    • buddhafrog

      no sympathy.  try getting them from Korea.  Still, GO BLUE

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Hard to read into this but…Kansas beats them by 50 right? and we win by 20…We got some work to do. Though we are a different team than Kansas, I just expect more now.

    • IPFW_11

      After getting up 21-0 Michigan relaxed way too much. I think they are going to hear about that in practice…

  • Alex Glick

    Detroit Notre Dame looks like a good game on espnu. I thought our guys played well. Looking forward to the next couple of games. I won’t be able to watch but I know Memphis takes on Belmont tomorrow at noon who took Duke to the wire.

  • Erob

    I thought we played a little sloppy.   

  • MGoTweeter

    Kinda opposite game from the Ferris game.  Team jumped all over them early and then cruised the rest of the way.  It was good to see the team get a bunch of easy baskets in the paint especially considering the threes just are not falling right now.  

    Also, I thought the team went harder at the offensive glass than I have seen in the past.  A couple of real easy put backs and several other times were they either grabbed the rebound or at least knocked it away from a defender.  

    It looked like UM tried to get the pick and roll game going a lot more tonight as well.  Though Towson helped like crazy on it so the pass usually was not there. 

  • DingoBlue

    Just wanna say that I am beginning to be a bit hopeful about Burke.  Haven’t looked at his tempo-free stats, but I remember saying to myself “Wow” when he had the break and he dished to Vogrich for an easy layup (even though it was called back).  Not saying he will be spectacular, but he’s a fun kid to root for and I see a bright future for him.