Thursday Links: Signing Day Reactions & Notes

Dylan Burkhardt
PhotoNWI Times
  • Kenny

    This is what Brain Snow said about Robinson:

    “Robinson is one of the fastest rising players in the country. He has grown, gotten stronger, more athletic, and is now also a very good outside shooter. Robinson is just now figuring out how good he is, and the level he has stepped his game up to is impressive.”

    If the trajectory continues for a couple of years, he can be scarily good. Beilein showed his brilliance in this case by offering Robinson way before any major programs get serious on him. 

  • mikey_mac

    Gary Harris’s picking MSU should probably get a little more attention here. This is a pretty huge win for Sparty, from what I’m reading.

  • Dirtgrain

    I really liked Gary Harris’s game . . . until now.

    • Gary is a hell of a player. There’s going to be some fun Big Ten games with Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana and Purdue all bringing in really talented classes.