Journal Gazette: Austin Hatch’s playing status “still up in the air”

Dylan Burkhardt

Austin_Hatch[1]The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette discusses Austin Hatch’s status for the upcoming season:

Hatch, who led the team with 23.3 points and 9.3 rebounds a year ago, returned to Fort Wayne in early October after spending about three months in a hospital in Traverse City, Mich. He is back at Canterbury with a limited class schedule.

Dressed in his Canterbury blue polo shirt and khaki shorts, second-year coach Dan Kline put the players through their paces, with the goal of getting ready for the season opener Nov. 22 at home against Central Noble. In an honest, matter-of-fact way, Kline said he has no idea whether Hatch will return to the Cavaliers.

“It is unknown right now,” he said. “We are just preparing for the season. I don’t really know how to plan for something like this, but we are moving forward and carrying on.”

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  • Quick Darshan

    It’s understandable that he won’t play this season.  Hopefully, for his sake, he’ll return to full health some day.

  • storm33

    Not sure if this is insensitive at all, but Dylan, what do you think the odds are that Austin suits up for Michigan? If not, how does that change our recruiting situation?

    • john

      Its not insensitive at all. Its a question many are thinking but just dont really feel comfortable asking.

      • Bluebufoon

        I would like to get an idea of where Austin Hatch’s health is ? Is he walking normally ? Can he speak normally ? Are all of his limbs working properly ? I wish Austin the best but I am curious what hurdles are still in front of Mr Hatch to continue his athletic career ?