Class of 2012 Big Ten Recruiting Rankings: November 7th, 2011

Rank School # Commits Rivals Avg. Scout Avg. ESPN Avg.
1 Indiana   5 4.00 3.60 3.60
2 Michigan   3 4.33 4.00 4.33
3 Purdue   4 3.50 3.75 3.75
4 Iowa   5 3.40 3.00 3.20
5 Michigan State   3 4.00 3.67 4.00
6 Wisconsin   1 5.00 4.00 4.00
7 Northwestern   3 1.00 2.67 2.33
8 Nebraska   5 1.80 0.00 0.60
9 Minnesota   1 3.00 3.00 3.00
10 Penn State   2 1.50 0.00 2.00
11 Illinois   1 0.00 2.00 3.00
12 Ohio State   0 N/A N/A N/A

The college basketball early signing period begins this Wednesday so we figured it was a great time to take a look at the Big Ten recruiting landscape. The biggest commitment was obviously Mitch McGary’s pledge to Michigan but Purdue also picked up a nice commitment from A.J. Hammons.

The next big domino that’s expected to fall is Gary Harris, who plans to decide between Indiana, Michigan State and Purdue.

In terms of the actual rankings, Michigan vs. Indiana is a great debate. The Wolverines class has higher ratings overall – and the nation’s No. 2 player – but Indiana’s class is deeper from top to bottom. Let’s hear your two cents in the comments below.

You can find the full class breakdown and run down of recent commitments after the jump.

Action since last rankings:

  •   10/3/2011 – Nebraska adds commitment from Fahro Alihodzic
  • 10/13/2011 – Purdue adds commitment from A.J. Hammons
  • 11/3/2011 – Michigan adds commitment from Mitch McGary
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Kevin Ferrell   PG IN 5 4 4
Jeremy Hollowell   SF IN 4 4 4
Peter Jurkin   C NC 3 3 3
Ron Patterson   SG IN 3 3 3
Hanner Perea   PF IN 5 4 4
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Mitch McGary   PF NH 5 5 5
Glenn Robinson III   SF IN 4 4 4
Nick Stauskas   SG CAN 4 3 4
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Raphael Davis   SG IN 3 3 4
Ronnie Johnson   PG IN 4 4 4
Jay Simpson   PF IN 4 4 3
A.J. Hammons   C IN 3 4 4
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Anthony Clemmons   PG MI 3 2 2
Mike Gesell   PG NE 4 4 4
Patrick Ingram   SG IN 3 2 3
Kyle Meyer   C GA 3 3 3
Adam Woodbury   C IA 4 4 4
Michigan State
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Matt Costello   PF MI 4 4 4
Kenny Kaminski   PF OH 4 4 4
Denzel Valentine   SF MI 4 3 4
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Sam Dekker   SF WI 5 4 4
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Kale Abrahamson   SF IA 3 3 3
Sanjay Lumpkin   SG MN NR 3 2
Alex Olah   C IN NR 2 2
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN

Fahro Alihodzic

Keith Coleman   PF IA 3 NR NR
Benny Parker   PG KS 3 NR 1
Shavon Shields   SG KS 3 NR 2
Jerran Young   SF TX NR NR NR
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Wally Ellenson   SG WI 3 NR 3
Penn State
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Akosa Maduegbunam   SF MA NR NR 2
Brandon Taylor   PF PA 3 NR 2
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Michael Orris   PG IL NR 2 3
Ohio State

No commitments.

Rankings compiled by Trent Montemayor

  • blucinic

    Re:  Indiana vs. Michigan, the only thing that really matters is the play on the court.

    However, I would make several observations.

    1.  Basketball is disproportionately affected by a superstar. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan (pro game), LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Shaq O’Neill make a huge, huge difference.
    2.  In general, I think it is harder to find a 6’10” 5 star recruit than a 5 star guard or forward. There are exceptions to this rule, but getting a big star is “usually” of greater value than a guard.

    My feeling is that McGary makes the bigger difference, particularly with a very good surrounding class.

    • Kenny

      Two very strong points. 

      I would also add that Michigan’s recruiting class address the needs perfectly. 

      • anrbowen

        Touching on filling IU’s needs in this class, they’ve done that perfectly as well. they get 2 sure-fire starters from day 1 (Ferrell, Perea), another that could be a starter pretty quickly (Hollowell) and two high quality backups and defensive stoppers to positions of lesser need (Patterson behind Sheehey/Oladipo, Jurkin behind Zeller).

        As an IU fan, I wouldn’t trade this class for anybody’s in the nation. Glad to see Michigan bringing in some big time recruits again though.

        • Jalen213

          Of course you also wish Tom Arnold wasn’t your coach. Talent has been lacking in Bloomington.

  • Billiam

    I’d have to say that IU beats us out just because they have more guys, and two (partial) 5*s.  If Robinson gets to 5* range (he’s been shooting up the charts recently) then we’ve got the better class, IMO.  Even assuming we’ve got two 5* recruits, our depth will be amazing.  Here’s a look at the roster:
    1- TB, CB
    2- THJ, Vog
    3- GRIII, Smot?
    4- Smot, MM?
    5- MM, Morgan, Horford

    Obviously, there will be differences, and Morgan/Horford could play the 4.  Still, we’re looking at a team where the two freshmen might play largee amounts of minutes–ONLY AFTER beating upperclassmen who have performed.  I mean, we’re putting our best 5 (Morgan, a RS Junior) on the bench.  That means MM is gonna have a great back-up. 

    There are two great things I notice with this line-up, which we haven’t had in great amounts recently.  1.) Great size.  When your 3 is 6’10, you’re not gonna have to worry about too many rebounds.  2.) Great athleticism.  Assuming Smot continues his progression, and the rants about GRIII being a top 25 athlete, we’re going to have the most slashing we’ve seen in a while.  I like it!

    • Cullen

      You for got Stauskas who will contribute early imo.  He is very developed and skilled already.  There will be a battle at a wing spot in 2012 between Stauskas and Robinson.

      • Billiam

        Derp.  Meant to put him in as a backup 3.  It’s obvious he can move around, but for simplicity, I’d put him at the 3.

        • Observernba

          Why would you put stauskas (who has been voted top 25 shooter in the country and has good enough handles to play backup at the point) as a back up three? What a waste of shooting, dribbling, passing and slashing.

      • storm33

        not to mention the possibility of Hardaway going NBA on us.

    • Guest

      If GRIII gets a 5th star, that doesn’t make him a better player. I don’t really follow how our class would be better if some recruiting services decide to add a star.

    • GregGoBlue

      Smotrycz at the 3? Unlikely.

  • mitch

    I’ll give it to IU based on #’s.  I love what we did though, getting athleticism, shooting, size/toughness.  It’s amazing to me the amount of basketball talent in the state of Indiana.

    • Mike

      really? that suprises you? come down to Indy sometime and watch any HS bball game here.. there is a ton of talent year in year out here

  • UM Hoops Fan

    I would take our class over Indy’s, but I can see why on a ranking basis IU’s has to go first. 

    Also, Minny is in trouble.  Have they had a 4 or 5 star in a few classes now (that’s actually played for them)?  They seem destined to be a 2nd-tier team in this loaded B1G.  I remember all the hand-wringing that Minny got Tubby.   

  • John

    I understand why some may put Indiana ahead but I would not. I think once you get to 3 players in a class the added numbers shouldn’t affect the overall rating. In other words, our 3 players are of higher caliber than their 5 (in general) and the added numbers shouldn’t affect the rating as much as the caliber of player. Now if we only had 1-2 commitments and they had between 3-5 then that is different (IMO). I think the same for football. Once a player gets to around 20, the extra players shouldn’t factor much into the ratings (as in 1 team has 20 players and another player has 25).

    • Billiam

      UM Hoops fan has the best answer.  For recruiting ratings, numbers have to have some meaning.  EG: If one of their 3*s blows up (a la Morgan, THJ, Novak, Dougless) then they have a better recruiting class.  It’s not probable, but as it’s possible, their class should be rated higher.  Continuing with UM Hoops Fan’s theme, I’d still take our class.

      /hope I’m not butchering your message UM Hoops Fan.

      • Knights of Bob

        I think that the B1G is going to be great. I am a huge Hoosier fan and I will say that McGary will be great for you. I think the good rivalries are going to be back. OSU/Mich/MSU/IU/Purdue/Wisconsin will be annual tournament selections with Illinois/Iowa/Nebraska on the bubble. That isn’t a bad place to be. We are in for seeing some great basketball in the coming years.

      • Kenny

        by the same token, having more leads to more disappointment.  

      • UM Hoops Fan

        Pretty much exactly what I meant.  For rankings, you have to think about it from the perspective of knowing nothing else about a team.  Having quality 3 stars is a positive because they can develop beyond expectations, provide depth, make practice competitive, etc.  A class of three 4 stars gets better — again, knowing nothing else about a team’s needs/ability to recruit in the future, etc. – by adding a quality 3 star from a team-building perspective.  

  • HoosierDadE

    Hello UofM fans…I stumbled to this site because it is listed on ours/IU’s fan sight and the Inside the Hall team always says great things about

    Just offering some insight on IU’s recruits to help w/ the debate.  Of the 5 (still wanting 6 if Gary Harris pledges) I believe 2 will start as freshman (Yogi and Hanner).  Hollowell will contribute off the bench because he is a smooth scorer.

    Jurkin is skinny and raw.  So I don’t see any offensive input but will change shots.  Patterson is an in your face defensive player (these two need to carve a role at IU).

    Hope this helps, I don’t know how this IU class compares to UM but it is fun to hopefully see some change at the top (lets get MSU and tO$U out of the top of the Big Ten).

    All the best this season.

  • Kevin

    Big IU fan here, but I think what Michigan’s class and what Indiana’s class are both perfect for what each program needs. McGary and Robinson 3 can both come in right away and get playing time, and fill a role that needs to be filled. So, in that regard Michigan’s class is very good for the program. On top of that, like “blucinic” mentioned, finding a 6-10 5 star recruit that can be effective right away like Sullinger or Perry Jones at Baylor is much more rare than finding a 5-star PG to come in and change the outlook of the team. So, in that regard, McGary is a HUGE pick-up for Michigan.

    However, I think Indiana is very, very happy with what their class brings in as well, and rightfully so. (Especially if Gary Harris comes as well.) What this 2012 class for IU is finally bring them back to BIG10 respecitbility by allowing them to compete with every team in the conference. What Yogi Ferrell brings at the point guard position is going to completely change the outlook of the team, and will make them a lot better by having a great passer and good scorer running the point. Then, having Jeremy Hollowell as a scorer off the bench and Hanner Perea as an athletic forward possibly getting a starting role, this will also be a very effective class for Indiana. Not even to mention their 7-0 center who may surprise people when arriving on campus, and Ron Patterson, a bulldog defensively and decent scorer.

    So, even though this is against the topic, the rankings really don’t matter at this point. Neither school would want to trade classes, and I think that’s the difference. These two classes are going to be the best and the top of the BIG10 this year and should help catipult both of these programs back to the top of the conference where they belong.

    I’d be much happier to see Michigan and IU at the top than Ohio State and Michigan State. So good luck to Michigan in as well, hard for me to root against Indiana HS players.

  • SamGoBlue

    Obviously I’m biased, but I am going to go with Michigan’s class. McGary is obviously a program-changer, Robinson III has skyrocketed in terms of athleticism and talent in the last year, and Stauskas is an absolute blueprint of what Beilein wants in a two. At the same time, IU is bringing in a tremendous class by all means, but from the little video I’ve seen of Perea, he looks like Brent Petway. Rarely shoots from outside of three feet and I question whether he will ever be worth anything more than sheer athleticism. Yogi is an absolute baller though, no doubt about it. I think he and Trey Burke could provide some classics in the near future going up against each other.

    • b_side

      IU fan here…definitely see what you mean with the Petway-Perea comparison.  But I would argue Perea’s athleticism right now is where Petway was at UofM at his peak.

      So I guess what I’m saying is, let the kid play through his senior year of HS first as well as getting the ever-important summer development with Crean and Co. before the season starts.  After watching video after video of a smooth free throw stroke, a decent turnaround hook shot and the willingness to take a jumper outside of 10 feet, Hanner has the tools to be a more well-rounded.  Remember, like most foreign players, Hanner didn’t start playing competitively until he was 12. 

  • Kevin Schewe

    just to play devil’s advocate to the 5 star center comment, you’re can always end up with a bj mullens, kosta kufos, brian zubek, or jason bennett.  not to say they weren’t any good, just not very impactful like an oden, sullinger, love, etc…either way it doesn’t matter MM is gonna str8 goon here at michigan.

    also, very pleased seeing such cohesive dialogue between um fans and iu, good job fella’s.

    • Kevin Schewe


  • Drew

    Purdue fan here. I think IU’s is better than Michigan at this point. I think McGary with his noted academic problems means he is a likely one and done guy. IU is bringing in a core group that will be there for awhile for sustained success. I know that how long players are projected to stay has nothing to do with class ranking, but that to me is the tie breaker between the two classes that on paper are fairly equal. Now, whoever gets Gary Harris is the new #1 in my opinion, but that is a different story.