Video, Notes & Quotes: John Beilein Breaks Down Wayne State Win

Dylan Burkhardt

Here are notes, quotes and video from John Beilein’s press conference after Michigan’s 47-39 exhibition win over Wayne State.

Notes and quotes after the jump. Full post game thoughts in the morning.

  • Looked a little rusty with the new arena, crowd and all of that .
  • Wayne State had a very talented defensive team, they’re very quick. They struggled to score, which was good defense by us, but we didn’t get many easy looks.
  • “14 turnovers and go 4 for 12 from the foul line, that’s probably the only game all year we’ll win with those two stats”
  • Have to get better with our post defense.
  • Came out too excited to make simple plays – and hit “base hits” – maybe got frustrated a little bit and didn’t play the way we’d like to play, the way we have been playing in practice. Have to be able to play against that quickness.
  • On Burke: “I could see by the flow of the game that it was going to be a quickness issue”, wanted to get his heart rate up and feel what it’s like to play that many minutes. Trying to get him as much time as we can. He’s very fast but had a couple charges at the end of the break – makes good decisions just has to stop his body. He needs to be a ball player, has the green light for alley oops, extra passes and making plays.
  • Thought it was important still to win the game so we didn’t get to go to the bench as much as we’d hope to today.
  • Stu and Evan just had a tough day not making shots, they’re better than that.
  • Big men get spun around inside, that’s one of the issues that we’re working on very hard. That’s not the first time that’s happened this year
  • On Horford staying in the starting line up: “Yeah, he’s really played well up to this point and he just played really well. His rebounding has been really good and Jordan and Jon can both play better than they played today”
  • We just need to find the best five players out there.
  • On Hardaway stepping up: “We needed him to do that. We tried to go to him a lot down the stretch. He and Zack really had a rhythm going and we needed confidence”
  • Horford was 0-for-5 on free throws but nearly 70 of 80 while shooting free throws with Beilein earlier today.
  • Defense was the biggest plus. Stopped them often and players realized the mistakes when they happened.
  • Burke is like a quarterback in football, he’s got a lot of reads and a lot of things on his mind when he turns the corner – he’s getting there.
  • On keeping the same starting line up: “Yeah, I probably would.”
  • Tim was active on the glass but they want him to do more. When Evan shoots, Tim is his partner and needs to go in there and get it.
  • Even though Stu didn’t score he did a great job of just running the team. Three assists and no turnovers, was very steady.
  • Josh44

    are you going make a hghlight video from the game for those of us who couldnt watch it?

  • MGoTweeter

    Just got back from the game/late dinner.  Here are my thoughts:

    Score was not really indicative of the game.  I thought aside from a few sloppy passes and a couple rushed shots, that Michigan played ok.  They just made absolutely nothing.  Tons of open looks all over the court and nothing was falling.  Most of the time there was not even a hand in the face of the shooter.  Wayne could barely do anything on offense and several shots that went in for them looked like prayers.  

    Morgan will be the starting center sooner rather than later.  I didnt think either Morgan or Horford looked great, but at least Morgan did not get abused by the Wayne center on a few plays like Horford.  Horford did show some nice improvement though, including a good post move for an and-1.  

    Burke will be the starting point guard as well.  He showed a pretty good understanding of the offense and pushed the ball well.  He made a great move to dish off to Morgan for a dunk, but got called for a charge that I thought was questionable.  He is also a great defender.  He is going to be a very special player.  

    Smotrycz looked winded very quickly.  I do not think he is quite used to running with all that extra weight.  He missed pretty much everything, but he made several good moves.  His first step looks much quicker.  

    Hardaway was really impressive on the boards.  It looked like he really made an effort to go hard on the glass.

    All in all, I thought that the game was fine for an exhibition performance.  Again, do not get caught up in the score because if Michigan has just a slightly below average shooting day, then this is a twenty point game.  

    A few bits on Crisler.  Impressive crowd for an exhibition game which is promising.  The arena looks great but there are problems with the game atmosphere.  The scoreboard only showed live action and there were no stats.  This is a big issue for me and needs to be changed asap.  We saw this also with football, so hopefully it is corrected by next week.  The PA system/speakers need work.  It sounded muffled and barely audible at times.  It was very difficult to make out anything that the announcer said.

    • sane1

      Agree with your analysis, including the audio problems and lack of stats. Why they need to show the game on the video screens is beyond me. Use it for replays, but put the stats up otherwise.

      I would add to your game analysis that Novak played really well in all facets of the game.

      • Stats were messed up everywhere. The top screens are going to have the scoring numbers and names of who is on the floor. There were no live stats online and the half time box score we got on press row was partially hand written. I think therell be stats going forward.

      • MGoTweeter

        yes Novak did play well.  He seemed like the only guy that could find the basket in the first half.  But I did hold my breath for a couple possessions after that play where he fell awkwardly and seemed to twist his knee or stretch his groin.

        • sane1

          Yeah, that’s the kind of freak play that can result in serious injury. I think all of the work he’s done to get lean and improve his athleticism may have saved him on that play.

  • A2JD

    I went to the game tonight and here are some of my impressions:

    It was not really a thriller in any stretch of the imagination. I got to my seats (nice new seats, by the way!) at around the 10 minute mark in the first. I had free tickets but it took a while to figure out where to pick them up and the entrance was hard to get to because of the PDC construction.

    Now for the game. Granted, this was an exhibition so take these impressions with that in mind. I might be going overboard on some things since it was such a small sample size.TH Jr., Novak and Burke looked good. 

    Trey still needs to build chemistry with the bigs but I’m sure that will come. He still looked very comfortable out there. I don’t think he turned the ball over off the dribble but some of his passes weren’t quite in the spots that his targets were expecting. I think that threw their rhythm off and there were a few missed shots as a result. I still see that he has a very good handle and can shake defenders off the dribble.

    I didn’t see Brundidge play much. From what I did see, he looked okay and may be a decent option as the back-up PG.

    Stu didn’t look any different. I’d guess he is what he is. He’ll have some good games and some forgettable ones. I still like him.

    Smot was kind of disappointing. He’s bigger but he still didn’t look very aggressive out there. He got scored upon a few times in the post by smaller players. I’d been hearing that he looked to be the most improved player in practices and expected to see some of that in the game. I don’t think he scored while I was watching. I think he did get a couple of rebounds but I want to see more. I think he could be a 12 ppg guy this year if he demanded it out of himself.

    Morgan, aside from some early rebounds, was invisible. He got very few touches and nobody really hit him with passes on the pick and roll. He did also pick up one of those stupid ticky-tack fouls (trying to cover a PG a foot shorter than him, 40 feet from the basket) that kept him on the bench in a lot of games last year. He can’t keep doing that.

    TH Jr. looked like he picked right up where he left off last year. When the offense completely stalled out in the 2nd half, he decided to “Denard” it and take things into his own hands. This resulted in him getting to the line a couple of times (only split his FT’s, though) and then I believe he hit a 2 pointer and a 3. I think he’s looking to assume more of a leadership role and is the most emotional player on the court.

    Zack Novak did what he does. He had a strong first half and did a couple of good things in the 2nd half. He did miss some FT’s and that was the one thing that (from the whole team) really disappointed me. I get that the team may be rusty and may be creating a new chemistry but there is no excuse for missing the chippies. We let a few teams back in games last year by missing FT’s and that just can’t happen this year.

    Jon Horford had a couple of decent moments. He blocked a couple of shots and had a nice dunk off a pick and roll with Trey. He’s still got a ways to go but he’s slowly moving in the right direction.

    Matt Vogrich- The shots just weren’t falling tonight. I’m not too worried.

    I don’t think anyone else played tonight and I think this will be the rotation. 9 deep and it’s going to be a job for Coach Beilein, juggling those minutes.Obviously, we’ll need to play much better against Memphis but that’s what having exhibition games are for. It’s been a GREAT week for Michigan basketball so a slow start in the pre-season isn’t going to dampen my enthusiasm. 

    My one and only complaint is that they need to include the stats and the foul count on the new scoreboards. 2 million dollars (or something like that) and you can’t include a boxscore and foul count? C’mon!

    • A2JD

      I thought Brundidge played more but I just saw the boxscore and it says he only played 2 minutes.

  • Jengoblue

    Similar thoughts on the game to most. It wasn’t the performance we might have all been hoping for, but I have hope that there are many bigger and better things to come. I just think it feels so great to be back in Crisler! I was really happy to see the Maize Rage so full, even if (as a student) it means I need to get to the games perhaps even earlier than I did last year. There definitely need to be stats on the new scoreboard, though. I love the new boards, but not having stats was irritating. The sound system, as others mentioned, had issues too. But overall, I’m just pumped to be back. Once those shots start falling, we’re gonna’ be fine. 

  • Dirtgrain

    I didn’t get to see the game.  Regarding the missed shots, perhaps Beilein has started with intense training in practice, which likely fatigued the players.

    Did Novak look quick enough to cover guards?  That is my main concern if he is going to play mostly at two guard.  How good was his defense?

  • JimC


  • Wayman Britt

    I saw in a picture of the game last night that Vogrich had a knee brace on.  Does anybody know did he suffer a knee injury in practice?

    For those who saw the game, should we be worried that Horford started over Morgan? or Is Horford now better or has Morgan not progressed, or just not worry because first game.

    • Kenny

      I don’t think that Morgan is 100%, maybe the reason Horford started. Horford still looked lost some time on defense. 

    • MGoTweeter

      re Vogrich: yea he hurt sprained his knee in practice.  Nothing serious, he looked like he moved fine out there.  

      re Horford and Morgan: I would not be worried right now.  The way it looked to me and the way the radio guys made it sound after the game, was that Morgan was been somewhat sluggish out of the gate in practice.  Also Horford has just been playing really well.  That said, I do not see it lasting long.  Horford had a ton of problems guarding the Wayne center.  He is bigger but still is not physical enough and he was not quick enough to stay in front of the Wayne center.  Horford did make one very good post move for an and-1, but I still see this as Morgan’s job when he gets his act together.

  • Champswest

    I think that it is inexcusable that the scoreboard people don’t have their act together.  Also, it sounded like the same old sound system to me.  Might as well not use it if you can’t understand what is being said.

    The team looked tired and flat.  Maybe, as Beilein said, they were too excited.  Rebounding (next to poor FT shooting) was the biggest disappointment for me.  WSU was leaping and UM seemed to be standing flat footed and just reaching for the rebounds.  (My seat was pretty high up, so maybe I didn’t have the best prespective).

    I like Zack at the 2 with two bigs in there together.  Horford is much improved and I expect him to surpass Morgan (based on potential) for playing time, although it may not be this year.  Beilein tried going small in the second half with Zach at the 4, but I didn’t think it made much of an impact.  We will obviously need to get more scoring from the 4 & 5 than we did tonight, and I am sure that we will.

    Stu runs the point well.  I expect Trey to take more minutes as he becomes more comfortable with the offense.  You can see the potential, especially the quickness.

    Carlton wasn’t in long enough to really make an impression.

    THJ doesn’t look like he will be having a sophmore slump.  I love the way he tires to get the whole team involved early on and then steps up in the second half (just like he did many times last year) and gives the team a boost.

    I wish we could have seen Max and Blake a little, but I guess you can’t play everyone the first game.

    I look forward to game two to see what kind of improvement we make.  This is still a really young team.  We will likely be starting 1 senior, 3 sophmores and 1 freshman as time goes by.