Open Thread: Michigan vs. Wayne State (Exhibition)

Dylan Burkhardt


The game might not count, but it’s the first opportunity to see Michigan play basketball in public this fall. The season opener is a week away and the Wolverines will fly to Maui in a little over two weeks.

You can watch the game live at at and use the coupon code ‘BTDN3FR33’ to receive a free month’s subscription.

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  • Hathachips

    So.  Is it over?

  • gobluemd

    Does anyone have the stats from the game? I attended, but there was nothing on the scoreboards and I can’t seem to find any online on mgoblue or espn.

  • Erob

    Is Ferris State better than Wayne State? 

  • Morgan is a reliable player. Nice to see him play. It is going to be an interesting match. The free coupon is not working at Ben Ten network.