Report: Mitch McGary to Announce College Decision on Thursday

Dylan Burkhardt

mitch_mcgary[1]The Mitch McGary recruitment is finally reaching an end.’s Brian Snow first reported ($) that plans have been made for McGary to announce his college decision on Thursday. Adam Zagoria reached Mitch’s father who confirmed that the announcement would be televised by ESPN’s family of networks.

ESPNU’s Recruiting Nation program is scheduled to air at 5 p.m. on Thursday evening.

McGary will decide between his final three schools of Duke, Florida and Michigan. The Wolverines have been considered the front runner for McGary’s services for the greater portion of the last month – a sentiment that’s been echoed nationally and locally. However, nothing is ever final in recruiting until the ink is dry on the letter of intent and some of the best recruiters and schools are still in the picture.

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  • SJWolv

    If he picks Michigan, it’s funny to think that Novak might be the most important recruit of the last 15 years.  Obviously not from a stat’s perspective but I feel like he is the one who got us over the hump.  In 2008-2009 the season changing win was against Duke because we started to get national respect and Novak was the catalyst.  In 2010-2011 @ MSU was the season changing game for obvious reasons and Novak was the star.  Kid may not be an NBAer but  he is a gamer, and hopefully a recruiter as well.

    If he picks Duke, I will drink heavily. 

    • sane1

      Novak also had a lot to do with recruiting McGary. Both are from Chesteron, and McGary looks up to Zack. If Mitch picks us, Zack’s influence will have been a real factor.

      • SJWolv

        That’s what I meant, guess I wasn’t clear enough but his contributions on the court and off the court could be program changing.  Assuming of course that McGary comes here.

    • Mattski

      This is a good angle for a sports story. 

  • Chris

    Maybe this will help?  Feast your eyes on the new Practice Facility!

  • hail!

  • storm33

    I had a dream 2 nights ago that Mitch McGary looked at the Duke hat, started to grab, but then grabbed the Michigan hat and yelled, “I’m going to MICHIGAN.”

    Prophecy? Hopefully

  • looks like great day for michigan fans thursday at 5pm

  • A2JD

    Hoping it’s a Maize & Blue Thursday for Mitch!  I’ll be back in A2 myself!

  • Mattski

    Wow, this thing has blown up so far that he’s a LeBron James-style announcement unto himself? Huge props to Beilein–and big buzz for Michigan if he’s ours. But does this guy become a huge distraction? The team, the team, the team. . . 

    • I wouldn’t say that… The No. 2 player in the country is going to announce on ESPNU’s recruiting show. That’s not really a big deal. Trey Zeigler announced on ESPNU a year back, it’s a common practice.

      • Mattski

        Yeah? I had no idea. Not that it matters, but your post says “the ESPN family of networks. . .” Anyway, I’m sure Beilein has done his due diligence, and knows what he will be getting with the kid. 

  • mitch

    Florida makes me nervous

    • Guest

      Duke makes me nervous more than Florida.  McGary’s parents loved Duke.  It’s said to be down between Duke and Michigan.

  • Kenny

    This could be one of the defining moments of Beilein’s legacy at Michigan. As I predicted 4.5 years ago, Beilein will build a solid program with a group of top 150 recruits and four year players then once a while gets a top 5 player.  

  • MGoTweeter


    The PDC looks awesome as well.

  • SJWolv

    For those who peruse’s message board there is a woman named lynnmarie who the board has deduced as Novak’s relative in some way.  She has given us good news:

    • Cmenichella

      Let the secret be told. Silent verbal to Roy (UNC). The number 1 recruiting class of 2011.