Michigan Ranked 18th in USA Today/ESPN Preseason Top 25

Dylan Burkhardt

usatodayrankings[1]Michigan is ranked 18th in the USA Today/ESPN College Basketball Preseason Top 25 Coaches Poll which was released this afternoon.

Michigan is the one of three Big Ten teams ranked in the top 25, coming in behind Ohio State (3) and Wisconsin (14). Michigan State and Purdue also received votes.

Memphis, the Wolverines’ opening opponent at the Maui Invitational, is ranked 9th in the preseason poll. Three other schools in the Maui Invitational are ranked in the top 25 including Duke (6), Kansas (13) and UCLA (20).

The last time Michigan was ranked in either top 25 poll was November 23rd, 2009 when the Wolverines were ranked 15th. The AP Preseason Top 25 is expected to be released on October 28th.

You can find complete USA Today/ESPN Top 25 after the jump.

Oct. 20, 2011 – USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Preseason Coaches Poll

Rank Team (first-place votes) ’10-11 Record Points ’10-11 Ranking
1. North Carolina (30) 29-8 774 8
2. Kentucky (1) 29-9 721 3
3. Ohio State 34-3 702 5
4. Connecticut 32-9 655 1
5. Syracuse 27-8 649 18
6. Duke 32-5 635 7
7. Vanderbilt 23-11 567 NR
8. Louisville 25-10 514 22
9. Memphis 25-10 482 NR
10. Florida 29-8 474 10
11. Pittsburgh 28-6 471 12
12. Baylor 18-13 358 NR
13. Kansas 35-3 331 4
14. Wisconsin 25-9 313 15
15. Xavier 24-8 277 NR
16. Arizona 30-8 269 9
17. Alabama 24-11 194 NR
18. Michigan 21-14 187 NR
19. Texas A&M 24-9 161 NR
20. UCLA 23-11 147 NR
21. Marquette 22-15 145 20
22. Cincinnati 26-9 141 NR
23. Gonzaga 25-10 125 NR
24. California 18-15 111 NR
25. Missouri 23-11 110 NR

Others receiving votes
Florida State (23-11) 108; Texas (28-8) 107; Michigan State (19-15) 73; Temple (26-8) 59; Washington (24-11) 29; Butler (28-10) 25; New Mexico (22-13) 22; Creighton (23-16) 19; Villanova (21-12) 18; Purdue (26-8) 17; UNLV (24-9) 16; West Virginia (21-12) 13; George Mason (27-7) 12; Mississippi State (17-14) 11; St. John’s (21-12) 11; Saint Mary’s (25-9) 5; Virginia (16-15) 5; Virginia Commonwealth (28-12) 4; Drexel (21-10) 2; Kansas State (23-11) 2; Long Beach State (22-12) 2; Brigham Young (32-5) 1; Notre Dame (27-7) 1.

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  • Gregaz

    Really tough to judge Michigan until we see the point guard play, on talent ranking seems right but not sure that translates to the floor.

  • Kenny

    Butler gets less respect than Gonzaga?


    four schools in the maui invitational are ranked, forgot memphis


      and….i can’t read

  • I don’t know if we deserve #18, but from everything I’ve read and all the coach and player videos I’ve seen, it seems like the program is doing all the right things. The coaches and players have great attitudes, they’re working hard, talking about winning championships and attracting/bringing in great recruits. I think it could be a great year, all we’re waiting on now is seeing how everyone plays together. And if we have learned anything from the past few years (particularly last year) it’s that this team will grow together no matter how good or bad they are in November. Grow Blue!

  • Mattski

    I’m to the point where I believe enough in what Beilein is doing and in M’s upward progression that I can also accept the almost inevitable growing pains the team faces with some calm. I won’t be too surprised if our difficult early schedule knocks the team back a few pegs in the pundits’ estimation.   

  • section13row15

    I just like the fact that we’re a tough team to prepare for now that JB is coach. Teams have to actually watch film and practice hard to beat us. We didn’t have that when Amaker was coach. I feel that the tough early schedule will help us hit our stride late in the season, especially when other teams are wearing down.

    • Bluebufoon

      Memphis match-up out in Maui is a great match-up/ spring-board for the up-coming season. Count-on on Beilein and Coach Meyer throwing the kitchen sink at Memphis young coach and PG Joe Jackson. I would think U-M’s bigs might have a big night in the paint. Go Blue !!!

  • Billiam

    It will be interesting to watch us play Memphis.  Not only do we see where we stand against the #9 team in the country, but we also get to see how our PG situation pans out.  The Memphis PG, Jackson, was a 5* two years ago, and one of the more athletic guards.  I’d be surprised to see Memphis NOT press us, and try to take it to Burke. We’ll see whether or not Burke can handle the pressure.

    • Ghoward44

      Burke and Jackson went head to head 2 years ago in Kentucky and Burkes team won. Jackson ended with 13 points and Burke then a sophmore had 9.

  • Mblueboy66

    That is probably a little too high. We don’t even know yet who is going to be the point guard, a most important key to success on a Bielein team!

    • I would argue the three position is the most important on the floor in Beilein’s offense, looking at players like Gansey, Manny and Hardaway… but that is a fair point.

    • ColinNer

      I think #18 is about right. The point guard position is a question mark but everyone else returns. There are quite a few options to fill that position though: Stu, Burke, and CB. Also, you have to think Smot and THJ will improve significantly over an off-season in a college program (and in the team USA program in THJ’s case).