Video: Nick Stauskas Documentary

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan commitment Nick Stauskas is featured in this YouTube video which includes old video footage and interviews with Nick, his family and various coaches throughout his career.

  • Demarcus

    stauskas for heisman

  • storm33

    Dang, him and GRIII are gonna be amazing…now to get McGary.

  • gpsimms

    so much canadians.

  • DingoBlue

    Dylan, I know you’ve mentioned Nick as a possible cameo PG before, but with Tre Robinson coming in the same year and Vogrich being the only other “true shooter” on the team, do you see Nick getting some time on the court while GR III is playing as well?  Possibly subbing in at the 2?  I find it frustrating that we have two extremely extremely talented guys coming in the class of 2012 and I’m worried I won’t get to see both at the same time that year.

    • Flwolve

      Why couldn’t Stauskas play the 2 and Robinson play the 3?  That seems like their most natural positions.

      • DingoBlue

        That is what I was getting at.  I guess I had always seen Stauskas as a 3 and never really saw why he couldn’t move to the 2 especially with his height and ballhandling skills. Just was curious about what others think, now I know I’m not alone!

        • Sven187

          Oh they’ll. Definitely see the floor at the same time. Their skills are so complimentary . One is a slasher who can shoot. The other is shooter who can slash.

    • MGoTweeter

      Gotta agree with Flwolve.  Stauskas is a two and Robinson a three.  But the great thing about the way Beilein runs his offense, is that it is extremely flexible.  We have seen that with guys like Novak and Smotrycz playing out of position or not their naturally position for very long stretches.  

      I would imagine that we will see Stauskas play everything from the 1 to the 3 at some point and Robinson might end playing some 2 or 4 at different times.  Beilein will get the best lineup on the floor even if that means guys have to be shuffled a bit from where you would naturally play them.  

      Really the ultimate determiner of where they play the most, will probably be based off their defense and how the whole team defends with them at certain spots.  Novak ended up playing a lot of 4 the last couple years because the team was just better defensively with him playing there.  As for Stauskas and Robinson, that is something that is hard to speculate on since its nearly impossible to tell what kind of defenders they are based on highlight film and without knowing who else is going to be on the court with them.  

      • DingoBlue

        Well shucks, I must have been reading this all wrong.  I had always seen Stauskas as an alternative 3 to GR III.  Sorry for being so slow on the uptake.  On the upside, my excitement level just rose another notch for the 2012 class.

        • Mattski

          I don’t know if his ball handling was emphasized or so apparent early on; at the beginning I think the coaches, too, might have seen him as more of a three. Curious if someone with more knowledge can verify this impression. . .  

          • Orangeda

            He plays a lot of point for his HS(Academy) team, as well as his AAU team, I think Beilein has had him in mind as a guy who could potentially contribute at the 1-3 for a while now, Beilein loves versatility and flexibility with his lineups, has said so since he’s come here.

  • JodyLockman

    Is this a Heisman promo video? haha.  Kid is a Big Ten shooter right now.

  • mitch

    This kid has All Big Ten written all over him.  He is a perfect fit for UM.

  • You can tell he’s got the fight and determination that we’ve seen in guys like Hardaway, Novak, and Morgan.  He’ll fit right into this team with his shooting ability, ball handling, knowledge for the game, and heart to win.  He seems to be almost the quintessential Beilein player and I can’t wait for him to show up on campus.  He’ll be a fan favorite.

    • Bluebufoon

      Have been saying it for months Stauskas will be an All-American at U-M barring injury of course.

  • Abc

    this kids got some serious skill. don’t think i have seen anyone consistently shoot the ball as well has he does from beyond the arc. #stauskasforheisman

    • RB

      pulls sunglasses down, raises eyebrows – In his best Jack Nicholson voice…. “Two Words…….    Reggie Miller… “