Report: McGary Decision “Totally up in the air”

Dylan Burkhardt

img_8716-1_large[1]Reports have been swirling all week that Mitch McGary was close to reaching a decision and that Michigan was in the lead for his commitment. That news appears to have taken a backseat today as the latest consensus appears to be that McGary’s recruitment is completely open.

ESPN’s Dave Telep reports that all six schools that McGary has previously listed – Michigan, Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland and Kentucky – are viable options in his recruitment at this time. Here’s a snippet from the free portion of Telep’s ESPN Insider update:

A few days ago, the recruitment of Mitch McGary (Chesterton, Ind./Brewster Academy) looked like it was coming to a conclusion. The information that came across my desk from multiple sources involved in his recruitment, pointed directly at the University of Michigan. I’ve been doing this a long time and when the talk heads in this direction, the outcome typically follows right on down the road. McGary’s recruitment is nothing, if not atypical.

Michigan, Duke, North Carolina and Florida would have to be considered viable options. You hear less regarding Maryland and Kentucky. Round and round we go, where McGary lands, no one knows. During the Recruiting Nation show Paul Biancardi nailed it. “The thing that is absolutely sure about Mitch McGary is that he’s unsure about where he wants to go.” has a similar, more detailed, report on their national premium message board ($).

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  • The Shredder

    Dylan, any chance this was planned to throw people off again and make it a surprise? Michigan blows up the day before and today its “oh he is wide open”. McGary sending out different smoke singles to throw people off? 

    • I don’t think it’s a ploy to gain attention… I think it’s a product of a lot of schools with big time recruiters continuing to put the full court press on McGary. Maryland, Duke and Florida were all in New Hampshire this week to close out the contact period. That coupled with the fact that there are so many parties involved here – parents, Mitch, AAU coach, Brewster coach.

  • Tom_McC

    This is what happens when you recruit with the big boys.  One the one hand, it is a positive to see UM standing toe to toe with the big boys in CBB.  OTOH, it goes to show that until the LOI is signed(and the kid actually enrolls on campus) these high profile recruitments are difficult to win.

    The UM staff has fought the good fight and that is all we can ask.  The fact of the matter is in this type of recruiting competition, it’s an uphill battle for UM when there is a level playing field but it is certainly possible, the playing field can become ‘askew’ and in those circumstances, UM is toast.  And no, I’m not suggesting the playing field has been tainted wrt to Mitch…I’m just saying this process was never going to be easy.

    Hopefully, whatever led Mitch to feel UM was his leader earlier in the week, will reemerge because it certainly sounds like nothing has happened on UM’s part to changes Mitch’s view of UM. The change seems to stem from being more ‘thorough’ in the evaluation of all the schools on his list.

  • Sven187

    Mitch totally reminds me of John C. Reilly in that pic.

  • ForeverBlue

    It’s hard for me to imagine how there were so many reports of Michigan in the lead and then as suddenly all bets are off.  I hope Michigan didn’t mistep (read Webb saying he thought it would be Michigan after a half a dozen qualifications about having no inside information.)

  • kennyYe

    I don’t think that there were any sudden changes on McGary’s part. Just rumors blown out of proportion in last a couple of days. As fans, we should just wait and see, and should not take baits of baseless rumors.  

  • ZRL

    Sounds to me like these recruiting sites are just out for page views. In reality, I don’t think either the earlier Michigan reports or the current reports are accurate. McGary truly has no idea where he wants to go yet.

  • maxwell’s demon

    After a couple days of finally believing it might happen, I’m back in the — I’ll only believe it when I see it — camp.

  • Wayman Britt

    No one will know for sure where Mr. McGary is going until he tell us.  I just hope he realizes nobody will prepare him better in basketball fundamentals and skills than John Beilein.
    If he wants to play with a bunch of All Americans go somewhere else, but if he wants to make millions in the NBA because he is a great player pick Beilein.

    • SRM

      Totally wrong.  He will make millions in the NBA even if he goes to Mercy Sisters of the Blind’s Red Headed Stepsister.

      It’s about where he will enjoy and get the most out of his year (or two) in college.  Its not like he’s some mid-level rpospect who is counting on a college coach to develop his latent potential and help him blow up.

      • A2JD

        There have been a fair amount of Top 10 High School kids that didn’t become NBA stars.

        • BlimpyBlue

          More accurately, most top 10 high school players don’t become NBA stars.  NBA rookie classes only produce a few stars in a given year, and not all of those players were top 10 types of recruits.

      • ColinNer

        Dujaun Wagner begs to disagree.

        (he did make millions but everyone expected more).

        • SBell

          If McGary has to have half his gut removed like Wagner, I guess everyone will expect more too.

          • A2JD

            How’s BJ Mullins doing these days?

  •  i think nobody knows but him. if it is michigan i dont think he wants it out now till he has a press confrence.  i seen on one board the press confrence is next friday on the 14. but that was on a message board.

    • Dgray

      Its a done deal.  He will announce next week Michigan slappies.  Now focus on more life and death things that are more important. No one will get cancer over this 18 yr old decision. So relax and enjoy what we already have. 

      • ColinNer

        I don’t think anyone on this board is acting like the sky is falling based on McGary’s decision. Fans are excited about the possibility of adding the first all-american since Horton, but realize that a verbal commit is not binding. Also, saying it is a “done deal” when many of the so-called experts don’t know seems like a pure guess to me.

    • FGCU Maize Rage

      can somebody confirm that the press conference is next friday? or is that just a random rumor to add to the long list of “reports”?

      • SamGoBlue

        I actually heard that reports were coming out that he was planning to commit next week (presumably to Michigan), but now will push the decision back a little bit. So unless this next Friday press conference is super new news I don’t think it’s correct.

  • Mattski

    We’re obviously not in possession of all the data that McGary and his family are working with/through, but here’s an (I think) quite plausible way to construct this: 

    1. McGary was very taken with M, and came to a tentative decision to opt to play for Jon Beilein. 

    2. Several other important schools put on a late full-court press. 

    3. The McGary’s decided to take a step back and examine all the data once more.

    • SamGoBlue

      Mr. Obvious, is that you??

      • Mattski

        We tend to have preserve a fairly collegial atmosphere here, Sam, going back several years now. But since your post is rather belligerent:  

        There was an (I thought obvious) point to my post: since this is all we really CAN deduce about what’s going on, idle speculation about it is useless. 
        That would include yours.  

    • Guest

      Also, his parents may have a role in pushing McGary to keep looking before deciding.

  • kainkitizen

    which ever it is, I believe he is going to choose to be a michigan man at the end.  It does kinda look like his parents might have put a quick word in about checking other schools out before he commits to Michigan.  I’m just getting more anxious about when he’s going to make the final decision.  Let’s go Mitch. Basketball and Football is Michigan. 

  • Tarheel93

    The kid has narrowed his choices to three great schools. I tend to think that Michigan and UNC would be most likely given his academic struggles. It’s good to see that he’s taking his education more seriously though. Like most kids his age, they are fully capable when they put in the work. Hope he comes to UNC but whatever he does, he can’t go wrong. I hope he will stay 3 years at whichever school he chooses.

    • Danguilm

      Lol.  You put NC on the same plane academically as Michigan?  Really?

      • wolverine05

        Huh? UNC and UM are both premier public universities. 

        • Yeah… I would say they are about even academically…

          • Danguilm

            wow – I stand corrected after looking up some data.  I had no idea, but have no problem eating crow. 

      • sane1

        Academic rankings are irrelevant to most highly ranked high school players. It’s more about academic support than academic prestige. The coaches definitely sell the prestige, but it’s only a small factor in the process.

        • Also a great point but I think there’s quite a bit of selling of the “value of a Michigan degree” which connects quite a bit with school rankings.