Tuesday Bullets: Hardaway Named to Wooden List, More on McGary, Other Notes

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. was one of nine Big Ten players named to the Wooden Award Preseason Top 50 list. The list of players representing the Big Ten includes Michigan State’s Draymond Green, Minnesota’s Trevor Mbakwe, Northwestern’s John Shurna, Ohio State’s William Buford, Aaron Craft and Jared Sullinger, Purdue’s Robbie Hummel, and Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor.
  • Michigan’s first exhibition game of the season is exactly one month away. Official practices begin in less than two weeks on October 15th. If you need something to hold you over until then we updated season highlights page and it now includes all of the team and player highlights from Josh Houchin as well as the 2011-12 hype video from The Faux Creative.
  • Yesterday was a busy day for Mitch McGary news and another national writer added that he feels Michigan is the favorite for McGary’s services. Here’s Jeff Goodman’s take: “Hearing Mitch McGary leaning towards Michigan – per sources. No secret that summer coach Wayne Brumm is in John Beilein’s corner on this.”
  • Sam Webb confirmed that John Beilein attended Drake Harris’s football game on Friday evening. Harris has made unofficial visits to Michigan for football games twice this fall.
  • Jeff Meyer made a return trip to Wapahani, IN, to watch 2014 guard Grant Evans in open gym yesterday. Evans is one of many Michigan recruiting targets in the state of Indiana in the 2014 class.
  • Michigan also reportedly stopped by the watch top-10 2014 prospect Cliff Alexander in Curie, IL, this afternoon. Alexander has scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Kansas and Providence.
  • The New York Times examines unofficial visits in the current recruiting era while outlining NCAA concerns with the current system.  Diamond Leung adds some analysis of the issues at ESPN’s College Basketball Nation.
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  • dustindbo

    Beilein visited Drake Harris’s football game? That must mean we really want this kid

    • I believe Izzo was there as well, and yes he would qualify as a kid that they “really want”.

      • KJay8

        Any chance Drake wants to play both sports in college?  Hear he’s a top flight FB recruit as well. 

  • amherstal

    I don’t understand how the scholarships will work if we land McGary.  I don’t think we can just assume that he’s one and done.  If I’m reading it right that would give us 15 scholarships for 2013-2014.

    So, its likely that TH will be gone, but it’s not written in stone.  I can’t imagine that he’s strapped for cash.  Maybe he’d want to stick around.

    McLimans doesn’t appear to be on a path for a fifth year, but who knows what can happen.  Maybe his shot will start falling. 

    I know there will be attrition, but it seems like we need a lot of it (3 players). 

    Or am I misunderstanding the scholarship situation.

    • kennyYe

      you just mentioned three possibilities
      1. McGray one and done.
      2. THJr leaves early
      3. McLimans not get his 5th year

      Plus, 1 and 3 hedge against each other, if McGray is to stay, McLimans will not see much minutes anyway. If McGray leaves, we can use McLimans for another year. 

      • amherstal

        Yeah, but if McGary stays we need three to leave, not one. 

        • kennyYe

          You are right, we have 3 ’13 commitment now excluding hatch, so 3 scholarship players on the ’12 need to leave, and Vogrich is the only one that is for sure not going to be around. Both Morgan and McLimans will be 5th year, so in the worst case scenario, neither is going to stay. 

    • Wayman Britt

      I am not sure how the scholarships will fall out for 2013 and beyond, but if we get McGary that would be a great problem to have.

      If you have been following UM basketball over the last 10 or so  years we used to worry about beating MAC schools for recruits or even trying to get enough guys to sign. 

    • rodrico

      Are you counting Hatch?

    • Guest

      THJ’s dad is in financial trouble.

  • MGoTweeter

    People really need to stop worrying and/or posting about the scholarship situation two years from now.  I’m pretty sure the coaches have a far better idea than any of us, as to what the situation actually is now and what it will be in the future.  It will work itself out one way or the other.  

    • gpsimms

       I don’t know, man.  I’m worried about it.  I know Dylan has said over and over not to, and I had this long response about why I was worried about it, but I guess it’s pointless to argue until the long term picture gets more clear. (which obvs. is why you are telling me not to worry about it).

      That said, I’m just putting on record it makes me uncomfortable that they are trying to recruit another ’13 if Hatch does not get back to playing form, and that they are still after a ’12.

  • DingoBlue

    I had to watch the season highlight vid again.  It made me re-remember how much of a stud CB is.  I know he will get some PT this year but man, too many players I want to watch, not enough minutes!

  • matt d

    Blue Devil Nation now reporting that Mitch McGary is a VERY STRONG lean to Michigan.