Michigan Back in the Picture for Bo Zeigler


304503_1947049399999_1355462881_31772433_1880877_n[1]Michigan coaches recently stopped by Detroit Community High School to watch Byron “Bo” Zeigler, a 6-foot-6, 190-pound small forward, workout. Zeigler put together a strong summer on the AAU circuit with the Michigan Hurricanes and has become a hot commodity of late with offers from Michigan State, Indiana and Iowa. The junior was at the Michigan College Practice in June and the Wolverines have kept a close eye on the youngster, and have turned up the recruiting intensity in recent weeks.

For those who haven’t seen you play, can you describe your game a little bit? I play all positions and I never stop moving on the floor.

Biggest strength? Attacking the basket and getting and-1’s.

What schools have been recruiting you so far? Michigan State, Indiana, I’ve been hearing from Michigan a lot lately. Iowa, Iowa State, Providence and Central Michigan.

Have you received any scholarship offers yet? Yeah, Michigan State, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Xavier, Providence, Detroit and Central Michigan.

Quick Scouting

Zeigler is a strong and athletic forward whose game is predicated on attacking the basket. He’s an above average rebounder and finisher around the hoop. He needs to continue to develop his perimeter consistency with his handle and jumpshot. Zeigler could be a likely candidate to play a combo forward role for Michigan. – Dylan Burkhardt

Have you visited all those schools? No, I’ve only visited Michigan and Michigan State. I was up at Michigan for a camp over the summer. I walked around the campus a little bit and looked around to see what it was.

What’d you think? It was good, they have a lot of good facilities and the people are pretty nice around there. I’d like to one of the basketball games or football games to get the actual feel.

Is that going to happene some time? Yeah, I think I’ll be at the next football game (October 29th versus Purdue).

Have you been talking to the Michigan coaches? Yeah, I talk to the coaches on a regular basis. I have a good relationship with Coach Bacari (Alexander).

What’d you think of him and the rest of the coaching staff? He’s honest and I like honest people. They said they might have a scholarship opening up and they were honest with me, so I respect that.

Any one or two schools that stand out? No not really, it’s pretty much wide open still.

Any player that people compare you to? Yeah, Hakim Warrick (Syracuse/Phoenix Suns) and Kevin Durant. I don’t know where they see it at, but I guess it’s because I’m long and play all five positions.

Once you decide on a school, what’ll be the main criteria that goes into it? Tradition, and I like the fans to be behind the basketball team. Just to have a certain role for me to play when I come to play when I come here.

Any idea when you’ll make the decision? Probably next year.

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  • MusketRebellion

    THJr is on the preseason list for the Wooden Award: http://www.woodenaward.com/

  • Pausandy

    I was just on the Rivals rankings for 2013, and while it’s nice we picked up some out of state talent, how about #18 in the country James Young from Troy, MI? We should be recruiting him hard.

    • Zeigler is an in-state kid….  Same with Walton, a 2013 commit.

      • KRN

        Is Zeigler #2 in the state?

      • Pausandy

        well I was asking about James Young…

        • mitch

          His grades are straightened out.  As of now,  he’s a big State fan.  That could change.

          • FGCU Maize Rage

            It’s pretty much MSU or Kentucky for James Young now. Hopefully his teammate, Maceo Baston, becomes something since he is a huge Maize and Blue fan (and his dad played for Michigan).

            I’m putting my money on State for James Young.

          • sane1

            Is Baston 2014?

          • mitch

            yes 2014, he’s going to be good.  i know he’s on their radar and has been up there a bunch. 

          • sane1

            Saw him at several games last season with his dad.

    • JBlair52

      I thought I heard his grades were a bit of an issue

  • goblue8888

    Appears that the coaches are expecting Hatch to reclassify or sadly not make it.

    • Jivas

      Ah, yes, that must be the scholarship that Zeigler says may open up.  While not necessarily surprising, that would nonetheless be very sad if true.

  • Kool Breeze

    Dylan, what scholarship would be available, Dumars?

    • Kool Breeze

      Check that, I see it must be Hatch per goblue8888.

      • kennyYe

        Beilein has been on more than one ’13 kids. We all wish the best for Austin but the cold fact is that the best scenario for him is to reclassify as ’14.  

        • KRN

          He’s probably missed over a month of school by now, so he probably would have to reclassify.

  • Colby84

    Are we having any Midnight Madness event this year? So Ziegler could play the 4 for us? You got to think the staff looks at someone in the post or combo forward if we do take another in 13.

    Also Kevon Looney a top 25 from 2014 is listing us on Rivals now and I believe it says he supposedly has an offer (even though JB doesnt do offers that early). Have read where the kid is a good student and a helluva of a player.

    • sane1

      No MM.