Recruiting Notebook: U-M Keeping Tabs on Dominic Woodson, Jordan Hits the Road

Dylan Burkhardt

image2[1]John Beilein and Bacari Alexander traveled to Vermont Academy two weeks ago to watch 2013 Texas native Dominic Woodson. On Tuesday evening, assistant coach Jeff Meyer made a return trip east to watch Woodson in action once again.

The 6-foot-9, 265 pound, big man is one of the fastest rising 2013 post players in the country and caught the Michigan staff’s attention this July while playing with the Ray Jackson Shooting Stars. The Wolverines aren’t the only high major program taking notice, Woodson has also earned offers from Michigan State, Maryland, Oklahoma, Baylor, Illinois and TCU along with heavy interest from Louisville, West Virginia, Texas, Michigan, Connecticut and Florida.

More on Woodson’s recruitment and other recent Wolverine recruiting trips after the jump.

Woodson’s prep coach, Jesse Bopp, emphasized that Woodson has the potential to be one of the best big men in the class of 2013 and has adjusted very well to life in the classroom and on the court at Vermont Academy. He reported that Woodson previously visited Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma and Texas unofficially but has yet to plan any fall visits. Bopp added that “any school that travels out here to see him and shows that he is a priority for them in 2013 is a school that he would potentially visit”. Michigan has clearly prioritized Woodson on its class of 2013 list with three coaches traveling to watch him workout in the last two weeks.

Lavall Jordan Hits the Road

Assistant coach Lavall Jordan was on the road this week as well, traveling to Illinois to check in on a number of 2014 Michigan targets. Jordan stopped by to watch Peyton Allen and Cahokia teammates Darius Austin and CJ Rivers earlier this week.

Allen, a 6-foot-4 guard, recently visited Michigan for the San Diego State football game and tweeted afterward that it was one of the best places he’s been so far. Allen is drawing high-major interest from Purdue, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio State and others with an upcoming visit to Oklahoma State scheduled.

DePaul and Illinois were also in to watch Austin and Rivers, two prospects who attended Michigan’s College Practice camp in July, on Monday. Austin is drawing high major interest from Illinois, Missouri, Purdue, Ohio State among others and has visits planned to Illinois and DePaul in mid-October.

Coach Jordan also took a recent trip to Indiana where he watched Trevon Bluiett at Park Tudor and traveled to Ben Davis HS presumably watching 2015 prospect Brennan Gillis (video).

imageMore on Glenn Robinson III also attended the Under Armour Grind Session over the weekend and echoed previous positive reports on Robinson’s play in Chicago:

The “Little Big Dog” is an impressive looking prospect. He is active and athletic, posting the highest vertical jump of all campers. He finishes well at the rim and knocks down mid range jumpers on a consistent basis. He has also added 3-point range on his shot but is deadly from mid range. He runs the floor and finishes very well on the break. His upside is significant and has the potential to be a pro if he rounds out his ball handling ability. He is committed to Michigan and should fit in well in John Beilein’s system.

Photo: Kelly Kline/Five Star Basketball

  • Colby84

    Dylan, do you think we take a PG in 14? Seems like they are watching a lot of guards but thought they would not need another guard. Hoping we can get in on a big time 4 to take Evan’s spot

    • I don’t think we’ll take a true point guard, or a smaller guard, because Beilein has been pretty consistent taking a point guard in every other class. 

      I do think it’ll be a pretty big class though and there’s plenty of room for guards and wings. 6-foot-4 kids during the fall of their sophomore seasons still have plenty of opportunity to grow. Similar with the 6-foot-7ish kids, they can grow into skilled fours or even true fives very easily. It’s important to remember how young these kids are at this point.

      • Colby84

        Dylan, could you see the staff getting involved with any other 12 targets if we miss out on McGary?

        • There’s always the possibility of adding someone late — this staff has made a habit of that in recent years with Colton Christian, Max Bielfeldt, etc. Some sort of late emerging prospect, or a decommit from a school where a coach was fired as a spring addition would be the most likely options for another ’12 prospect I think.

  • dustindbo

    Dylan, don’t we not have any scholarships left for 2013? I know with early draft entries and potential 5th year seniors not returning there could be spaces, but how would we even offer Woodson a scholarship if we wanted to right now?

    • I think they would offer Woodson. Early signing day for ’13 kids is over a year away and a lot will happen before then as you said with 5 years, early entries, transfers, etc.

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    Any video on Woodson? And I think the 2013 recruiting page needs to be updated – it only says we have commitments from Hatch and Donnel.

    • Just for you.:-)

      • Williamalanramos

        Does anyone have a scout account? Wondering what these rumblings are about McGary! Posted on Sam Webbs Twitter:

        Can anyone paraphrase what it says? It would be much appreciated. Man if we can land Mitch to go with Big Dog…UM will be on the up and up for sure

        • JBlair52

          If you check scout’s “crisler corner” forum you’ll see a post by lynnmarie that says Mitch will make Coach B very happy in a couple weeks.  Lynnmarie is the closest thing to an “insider” you’ll find.  I completely trust her information regarding the situation.  For her to come out of her shell and make that statement means she actually has information…and it’s obviously good information.  And I’ve never seen her give “bad” information.  She’s only given info on Novak and GRobIII too…so yeah…

          • Coldnjl

            Who is Lynnmarie?

          • JBlair52

            I’m not exactly sure, but I think she’s connected to the Chesterton, IN area.  I’m guessing more directly to Novak than anyone else. My first guess would be she’s related to Novak, but my second guess would be she’s related to someone in the Chesterton basketball program.  In any case, she ONLY posts on  Crisler Corner when the information has something to do with a link to Novak

      • Rob

         dont want to spill premium info, but it’s not negative from Sam’s OPINION.   It’s just his opinion but still……it’s not negative.  You can draw from that what you will.  :)

        • YpsiTuckyBoy

          McGary and his family have kept things very close to the vest. Sam is very good at what he does, but I guarantee you that he has no inside info here. No one knows what’s going on. I think the only bit that you can read into the situation is that the 3 schools he’s visited have the upper hand out of the top 6 since he appears to be in no rush to visit the last 3.

          • Rob

            Well said Ypsi.  However, I still trust Sam’s info and gut instincts more then the average analyst or reporter.  And personally, I think it’s a Top 2 and not 3.  I think this will end shortly.

  • kainkitizen

    That is a very valid point of Mitch not making any noise to go visit the other 3 schools on his top 6 list.  I bet he makes his decision this weekend after the coaches makes there in home visit.  So, come on Coach B.  Bring Mitch back with you to Ann Arbor!!!

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    For those who read the blog but don’t subscribe to UMHoops Twitter, sounds like Michigan’s staff is working their collective butt off to land McGary: “@BrewsterHoops: Thank you to all the coaches who came to visit #Brewster on Wed! #Albany, #Michigan (3 deep), #Maryland, more.”

  • Maddox Teresa98

    Dominic; This is your Aunt Teresa…….Keep God first in everything you do and you will suceed in your every endeavor………..,I Love You……Keep on hoopin!