Glenn Robinson III Shines at Under Armour Grind Session

Dylan Burkhardt

imagePhoto: Five Star Basketball/Kelly Kline

2012 Michigan commitment Glenn Robinson III participated in Under Amour’s inaugural Grind Session camp over the weekend. The event was hosted in Chicago and featured 50 of the nation’s top players regardless of class. The combine style event featured traditional athletic testing as well as professional level instruction and drills.

Robinson measured very well during combine testing and recorded the highest vertical leap of all camp participants. Under Armour’s website lists Robinson with a 36-inch vertical leap, 12-foot vertical approach with measurements of 6′ 4.25″ (presumably without shoes) and 204 pounds. He also appears to have the best Combine 360 composite score that’s listed on the website with a mark of 298. You can find Robinson’s full testing results as well as scouting notes from around the internet after the jump.

Source: Under Armour

Robinson wasn’t just a workout warrior, he impressed on the court as well. named him one of the two standouts at the event ($), citing his continued development and improvement.

The 6-foot-6 wing may be one of the more underrated wing prospects in the country, as he’s athletic, has developed his jump shot and is an improved scorer. Michigan is getting a difference maker in Robinson.

ESPN’s Reggie Rankin also noted Robinson as a stand out on Day 1 and added this on

Michigan commit wing Glenn Robinson Jr. (St. John, Ind./Lake Central), who had the best vertical at the event with 36 inches, has continued to improve. He attacked defenders off the bounce, finished above the rim with authority on the break and knocked down midrange jumpers. Robinson is freaky athletic and has all the makings to be special.

Robinson had a very strong summer and seems to continue to improve every time he hits the floor in front of national scouts. Make sure to check out this recent interview with Robinson from Joe Eberhardt.

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  • mitch

    The more I hear/read about him, the more I like him.

    • skitchbeatz

      i don’t think i’ve read anything bad about this kid.

  • James

    Would I be crazy to suggest that Robinson is becoming a potential 1-and-done?

    • I love Trey Rob’s game but I don’t see him as one and done right now. His perimeter skills continue to improve but I don’t see him at that level right now. That being said, if he continues to make improvements as rapidly as he has been then who knows. 

      • BlueRev

        50 of the top players regardless of class…
        would this mean like 30 seniors, 15 jrs, 5sophs?
        And are we saying these are 30 top 150 seniors or top 50 seniors?
        He’s definately looking like a solid pick-up, and depending on who was there, maybe top 10 now?

        • It more means 50 top players in various classes, most that play on Under Armour AAU teams. I wouldn’t say it’s THE top 50 players regardless of class — just a solid group.

          • BlueRev

            Thanks. Yeah, so it isn’t saying lildogs a one-n-done, but rather solidifies/slightlyimproves his current standing as a top 40 player or better.

  • John

    Glenn Robinson III is going to be very good when he comes. I think Zach Irvin was at the grind session as well, and did pretty well. I would like to see more about how he did.

  • ZRL

    5 star?

  • sane1

    So Irvin is 6’4″ and GRIII is 6’4.25″? Seems like heights are always exaggerated.

    • Depends if the measurements are with or without shoes. Shoes generally add at least an inch to a measurement so 6-foot-4.25 without shoes would put Robinson right under 6-foot-6.

      I’m not sure where Irvin’s measurements are from because I don’t think he participated in the camp, at least I don’t see him listed elsewhere. He could have gone to another Under Armour combine somewhere else. 

  • kennyYe

    i love those telling truth measurement about the real height. I guess only those standing 7’5 or taller don’t exaggerate. 

    • A2JD

      I think Kevin Garnett is the only player I’ve ever heard of that wanted to be listed shorter than he is.  He grew another inch or two early in his NBA career and didn’t want to be listed as a 7-footer because he thought people would want him to play center.

  • Blazerine

    Can we get some Tim Hardaway Jr & Trey Robinson on the floor at the same time please!!
    With Trey Burke distributing…YIKES we could have a REALLY good team.