Open Thread: Predict U-M’s Regular Season Record

Dylan Burkhardt
Zack Novak Tim Hardaway Jr NCAA Basketball mUf_tGM9TdBl[1]

The schedule is finalized, practice begins in just under a month and Michigan will play its first regular season game in under two months time. March is a distant memory and, despite the requisite fall attention to the gridiron, it’s almost basketball season.

As preview magazines and predictions begin leaking out onto the internet, we want to hear your opinion. How many games does this Michigan team win? The Wolverines will play 31 games – 13 games out of conference and 18 Big Ten match-ups. Review the schedule, vote in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Just glancing over the schedule, I come up with 23-8 for the regular season. Obviously it’s just a guess, but obviously, this should put us in the tournament rather comfortably, especially when you consider the fact that our SOS should be pretty good.

  • Hungry

    23-8 is the same record that I came up with while glancing at the schedule, too. Of course, anything can happen.

  • umhoopsreader

    I have them at 22-9
    11-2 non-conference 11-7 in the Big Ten
    Hoping for 12-6 or even 13-5 in conference…a lot riding on Trey’s development
    Can’t wait to see a game in the newly revamped Crisler

  • Tasnyder

    So many question marks!

  • JBlair52

    I gotta say I’m impressed that within 1-1/2 hrs this poll already has 120+ votes.
    Compliments to Dylan on such a great site…it’s September and there’s this kind of traffic.
    That’s just ridiculous! 

  • 12-1 out of conference. 13-5 in conference. 25 wins and 6 losses. Pick up a win in the Big Ten Tournament. 26-7 going into the tournament. Sweet sixteen with a 3 point loss to the eventual National Champion. Hardaway, Jr. is first team all Big Ten. Trey Burke is first team all freshman.

    Obama will be a one term president and the economy is going to have a
    tremendous recovery. Flying cars will finally be a reality. Quentin Tarantino will win an Oscar for Django Unchained and Kevin Costner goes into deep depression for turning down a supporting role.

    Hardaway, Jr. will stay for his junior year and be second team all-american (and subsequently go 11th in the draft). Mitch McGary will become a Wolverine and have 7 dunks in a win in East Lansing. Big Ten regular season champion. 2013 Final Four. Lose to eventual National Champion.

    • MTung

      Do the Lions cover against the Chiefs this weekend?

    • kevin

      jesus, this is actually pretty good

  • WingedKnight

    22-9(11-7). That would give us anywhere from a 4-7 seed in the tourney.

  • dustindbo

    Im gonna go with 24-7. The only teams I think we’ll lose to twice are Ohio State and Wisconsin. Just being safe, I saw we beat Memphis and los eto Duke the next game. And then I’m assuming we lose to Purdue or Indiana at least once each.

    By the way Michigan plays 5 of ESPN’s Sleeper College Bball teams this year: UVA, Minnesota, Iowa State, Arkansas, and Indiana, should be interesting

  • matt d
    • kennyYe

      Reynolds reclassified to 2012?

  • ZRL

    20-11 (10-8)

  • 24-7 Sounds like a great season to me.  It’s going to be fun watching the guys play ball this season.  It would be great to be at least a 6 seed in the NCAA Tourney.  4 would be great.  5 seed I wouldn’t want.  There is always a 12 seed upsetting a 5 seed.  Have a great weekend fellow Michigan Hoopsters.


    I’m going with a 23 to 25 in season . I just like what our TEAM brings the table . I thinks whomever starts at point guard will be fine . Stu Douglass has experience . Eso can help us there ( rememeber when there was time we thought DAVE MERRIT OR CJ Lee( remeber there was a time when everyone thought that if they even played ,that it as a disaterpeice just waiiting to happen and we made the tourny with the starting ) and TREY BURKE HAS PLAYED SUPERIOR COMPETITION AS WELL AS CARLETON BRUDIDGE AS WELL AS PERFORM WELL.

    I actually that this squad will be very good .

  • Michman

    20 wins this season and a bubble team at tourney time is what i predict is going to happen.  Would of said 25 wins with Morris still here but that’s obviously not the case.  As much as i love Trey, i think he has a similar season to what Morris had his freshman year(maybe a point or two higher in PPG).  I will be very happy if the basketball team proves me wrong though.

    • Erob

      I think this is the most realistic. Hoping for better, but there are too many unknowns at PG right now.  

    • Sven187

      I think Trey is quite a bit more polished than DMo was coming out of high school. Trey is a good shooter with good quickness. DMo couldn’t shoot at all and was a step slower. Because his shot was harmless it allowed defenders to sag cuz he was no threat to score.Trey won’t allow defenses that luxury. Nor will CB. It will also help having alot more size and balance than we did when DMo was a Frosh. This is a better team in every aspect and the end results will show it.

    • Simms Greg

      yeah i hate to be a downer, but this is how i see it, too.  i love the freshmen, and think they will be great, but i wish they had a year to just soak things in coming off the bench for dmo.  how many teams in the big 10 have gotten 10+ wins witha  freshman point?  don’t feel like researching, but that could make for a good post

      • Sven187

        Luckily it’s going to be a weaker Big 10 this year. The conference isn’t exactly stocked with proven PGs either. We will be fine.

        • gpsimms

          good point about the big ten being down.  the manny class finally graduated, and it really will be hard for some teams to reload.

  • SamGoBlue

    Everyone who knows me knows I am the eternal optimist when it comes to Michigan. I’m going 26-5 or 27-4. 

    • FGCU Maize Rage

      hey sam how about those tigers?

  • Marc Oren

    I go into every game believing we are going to win. 30 wins.

  • Champswest

    20-11 (10 non-conference wins, and 10 Big Ten wins).  Freshman point guard is a key.  This is still a very young team.

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    21-10. I think we start off strong non-conference and make it to the Maui Final but then drop some key (and easy) games in January and February. Make it to the semi-final of the conference tourney, and then get to the Sweet 16, where we fall to some Cinderella story (perhaps of the Atlantic Sun variety?)

    Aaaaaannnnddddd GO TIGERS!

    • SamGoBlue

      Let’s have a bet FGCU: Closest to win total (I have 26, you have 21) for $50?

      • FGCU Maize Rage

        23 or fewer victories, I win. 24 or more, you win.

  • Dyenimator

    Ferris State .99
    Towson .99
    Illinois .99
    Memphis .6
    Duke/Tennessee .4
    TBA .7
    at Virginia .55
    Iowa State .7
    Oakland .8
    Arkansas-Pine Bluff .99
    Alabama A&M .99
    Bradley .95
    Penn State .8
    Minnesota .7
    at Indiana .5
    Wisconsin .55
    Northwestern .8
    Iowa .55
    Michigan State .6
    at Arkansas .5
    at Purdue .25
    at Ohio State .2
    Indiana .75
    Michigan State .35
    Nebraska .6
    Illinois .65
    Ohio State .45
    Northwestern .55
    Purdue .55
    at Illinois .35
    at Penn State .6

    10-3 preseason 9-9 big ten

  • DeepBlue83

    I think 21 regular season wins is about the dividing line (10-3 NC, 11-7 BT).  21-10 would be acceptable, but not impressive in terms of Beilein’s taking this program to the next level.  Less than 21 wins would be a disappointment, and any more than that would be a plus.  Not a sure thing with a new point guard, but you can’t use the graduation of one good player as an excuse for regression, if you want to be take seriously as a strong program, especially when the best teams in the BT all had bigger graduation losses.  We have everyone else back, and a lot of players with potential for improvement over last year, as well as three new players. in the mix.

    • section13row15

      No one graduated fro U-M’s roster last year.

      • DeepBlue83

        Morris graduated to the NBA.  What’s your problem?