Crisler Arena: Phase One

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: MGoBlue / Gallery

Today was the Michigan basketball team’s first opportunity to tour the newly renovated Crisler Arena. After a long summer of working out everywhere on campus but their home arena, the Wolverines began their preseason workouts in the revamped arena. was on hand to grab reaction quotes and new photos from the first day inside the arena. Phase One of the Crisler renovations focuses on infrastructure but the most notable improvements are brand new seats and the new scoreboard. The attached Player Development Center is still on schedule to open in the middle of October. Phase two of the Crisler Arena renovations, which include concourse remodeling and club level seating, are expected to be completed by 2014.

Here’s Zack Novak’s reaction to the new-look Crisler Arena:

“We talked to Dave Brandon a little bit ago and he told us it looked like a brand new stadium, but I really could have never imagined this. It really does look like a brand new place. This is exciting and I’m glad that I’ll get to play my senior season in this kind of environment. I just can’t wait to see how it’s going to look when it’s all finished because this is unbelievable.”

“I think is it going to be a much better experience for the fans. I think they’re going to be much more engaged in the game, especially the students because we’ve got them sitting right on top of the court now. Being a senior, I’ve seen a lot of things change here and just to see this drastic of a change so quickly, it’s really cool and it’s special to be a part of it.”

Click through for more quotes from John Beilein, Stu Douglass, Trey Burke, Bacari Alexander and LaVall Jordan.

  • Alex

    The team definitely deserves it.

  • Nick

    “especially the students because we’ve got them sitting right on top of the court now”

    does this mean the benches are staying on the east side of the stadium and there will be no barrier in between the students and the court on the west side?

    • sane1

      Students, teams and scorers table are moving to the east side of the court. Band will be above the tunnel.

  • Joshhovde

    the other renovations wont be done until 2014?????????? it shouldnt take that long

  • Smance

    I thought the Gold seats were going to be replaced during phase 1?

    • sane1

      They have been replaced. All of the seats are blue now.

  • The Arena looks Fantastic!!!  It’s more appetizing to be a very proud Michigan Basketball Fan!!  It will be exciting to attend games and also when we will be watched on television.  Come to your new home Mitch!!!  It’s what we all have been waiting for with new looking Diggs my fellow Michigan Basketball Fanatics. Have fun and be excited!!!