Big Ten Announces ESPN, CBS Conference Games

Dylan Burkhardt

imageThe Big Ten  announced the dates, times and television networks for the Big Ten conference games that will air on CBS or the ESPN family of networks this season. Michigan will play 11 of its 18 conference games on CBS or an ESPN station and at least four of the Big Ten’s eight weekend CBS games will feature Michigan. For comparison, the Wolverines played just three Big Ten games on ESPN or CBS last season. Here’s the full list of announced games:

  • Thu, Jan 5, 9 p.m. – Michigan at Indiana – ESPN2 /
  • Sun, Jan 8, 1:30/4:30 p.m – Wisconsin at Michigan – CBS
  • Tue, Jan 17 7 p.m. – Michigan State at Michigan – ESPN /
  • Tue, Jan 24 7 p.m. – Michigan at Purdue – ESPN /
  • Sun, Jan 29 – 1 p.m  – Michigan at Ohio State – CBS
  • Sun, Feb 5 – 1 p.m. – Michigan at Michigan State – CBS
  • Sun, Feb 12 – 1 p.m. – Illinois at Michigan – CBS
  • Sat, Feb 18 9 p.m. – Ohio State at Michigan – ESPN / – ESPN Game Day
  • Feb 25/26 – 4/1 p.m. – Purdue at Michigan – CBS/ESPN wildcard
  • Thu, Mar 1 7 p.m. – Michigan at Illinois – ESPN or ESPN2 /
  • Sun, Mar 4  – 4/1 p.m. – Michigan at Penn State – CBS/ESPN wildcard

You can find Michigan’s entire non-conference schedule here. The remaining conference games, which will air on the Big Ten Network, are expected to be released by the Big Ten conference tomorrow.

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  • Michigan should have an easier start to the conference slate. At least 1, prob 2 games, before IU and they aren’t against MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, PU, ILL

  • kennyYe

    This is more games on major national network than I remembered. This is good since I will be in Hong Kong next year and cannot get BTN there.

  • Adam

    That is awesome that we have so many nationally televised games this year! More exposure to the program is great.  Plus College Gameday coming to Ann Arbor and Michigan is going to get more exposure than they have in a really long time!

  • Sven187

    I hate Big Ten schedule makers. Why do we always have to play at Illinois during the week.