Video: 2010-11 Michigan Basketball Season Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Even though we are closer to the next season than the last, Josh Houchin wrapped up his final highlight video from last season. While the previous videos focused on specific players, this video is a smorgasbord of clips from the entire season.

The previously posted player highlight videos live here.

In other news, football is back this weekend and the No. 3 prospect in the class of 2012, Mitch McGary, is scheduled to make an official visit. Let this be your hoops, recruiting and even football open thread for the weekend.

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  • Gary

    Great video – but all those D-Mo highlights made me a bit sad.  I sure hope the freshmen can come through big for us.

  • Guest

    Mitch McGary got into town some time today after visiting Duke in the past couple days.

  • JBlair52

    DMo’s needle-threading pass to Morgan for the jam vs. Iowa and Stu’s dunk were my favorite highlights

    • gpsimms

       i still maintain the first iowa dude got a finger on it.  doesnt make it less sweet, but everyone says it’s english and i dont think it is.  the first guy i think touches it.

      • Klaus


  • sane1

    Nice work on the video. 

  • Mattski

    Josh Houchin, obviously very good at this. We’re lucky to have him creating these pieces for us.
    Couple of nice Horford highlights here. I hope this guy is saying to himself, “Hey I facialized some Dukies in the NCAAs. This year is going to be my time!” Would sure be great to see him and Jordan Morgan in together sometimes next year. Also some pretty good body control in evidence by Stu Douglass and Smotrycz on several plays (I know it’s highlights, but). 

    I feel increasingly optimistic about this team next year. The early part of the sked is going to be VERY interesting. 

    • Jbisto

      Incredible video.  Football season begins today but I feel more excited for basketball.

      Not really, but a helluva compilation nonetheless.  Go Blue.

  • A2JD

    Great job on the video!  Here’s to Mitch at Michigan- GO BLUE!

  • DingoBlue

    Sad that McGary’s visit will have been dampened by rain…  Good win for Mich Football though! (though incomplete)

    • SamGoBlue

      From what I saw, McGary seemed like he was enjoying himself on the sidelines with Novak and Hardaway, Jr. It was a pretty big basketball recruiting day overall, however, with McGary, Drake Harris, and Derrick Walton in attendance.

      • Guest

        Would be great if Michigan can land Drake Harris.  It’d be a tough recruiting battle between MSU and Michigan There’s still time since he’s only a sophomore.

  • Toblav

    Always a little extra kick when Kelvin Grady contributes to the win.  It’s nice to see a football defense make adjustments, and a balanced offense that makes use of running backs.  Even though the defense did a lot of the scoring.  But then that’s nice to see too.

    • Bluebufoon

       Looks like Mitch McGary and his family were enjoying themselves, look at the folks in the first row behind the Michigan bench.

      • guest

        That is an awesome picture! best part? the player standing on the bench (might be Kelvin Grady?) with both arms up and face lifted heavenward…haha simply awesome

      • Flwolve

        Really cool picture.  Nice find.

      • MGoTweeter

        Also check out the comments on Mgoblog from a guy that talked with McGary at the game and got a pic with him (a couple posts below)

        Obviously just random message board recruit porn, but still pretty exciting.  

  • DingoBlue

    I also really wanted to comment on the video as well.  Great job again.  Love the clip where Horford keeps the play going when going over the chairs…  Can’t wait for 2011-2012!

  • Just wanted to say thanks to everyone (Gary, sane1, Mattski, Jbisto, A2JD, DingoBlue, and anyone else that I may have missed) for the compliments on the video. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer to do them than I’d like, since I keep pretty busy, and am somewhat of a perfectionist.

    I tink it worked out okay though, since the season’s only a couple months away, it almost worked out as a hype video for the coming year as well. Anyway, just wanted to take time out to thank you guys.

    Go Blue!

  • Great Video Josh!  Do you use Final Cut Pro for your video editing?  Also, The photo of Mitch in the stands cheering on the football team is Awesome!!!  It’s a great feeling to see him having fun and enjoying his visit.  Plus, his ESPN profile has us High for his status.  It looks like by the photo, Coach B, Travis Conlan, and Zack Novak was having fun too. Is that Tim Hardaway sitting down next to Coach with a fist pump? Has anybody been able to go into Crisler or the PDC to take current updated photos? 

    • Actually, I use Sony Vegas Pro. Macs are too expensive, IMO. I built a PC for a little over half the cost of what it would be run me to buy a Mac, and if it has problems, I’m an A+’certified repair tech,’so I can fix it myself.

      I might be looking into a few other Windows-based NLEs because I’ve had some stability issues (random crashing/freezing of the program, etc) with Vegas Pro. I’m not sure if it’s the program, or the source materials (m2ts files captured via a Hauppauge HD-PVR), but I figured I’d try some different editors before spending money on different hardware to capture the video.

      Sorry, this was a lot longer than it should have been, and is probably a lot more of an answer than you asked for.

      • I got a friend that uses Vegas Pro and he has had problems with it too.  I work at a TV broadcasting station and we use Final Cut for our editing purposes.  I have used Pinnacle for personal use and it’s very easy to use and not expensive.  Keep up the excellent video work Josh.   

        • Yeah, I’ve actually never used Final Cut (or a Mac for that matter.) I used to work production at a small local TV station, and we used Avid there. That seemed to work okay for me. An occasional issue, but nothing major. I have been thinking about a Mac recently, but I’m not sure when that would happen, since money’s a little tight.

          Anyway, thanks man.

  • Rkwboo

    I believe bacari is in front row a little to the left of coach b with the maize tee on and D.walton next to him with the towel over his head but not sure though.

  • This is pretty good. Michigan will be as good as Jordan Morgan is. Check out my Big 10 Basketball blog I’ll be having recruiting interviews coming up, along with the already weekly installment of 2011 team previews. Michigan’s preview will be published on Sept. 16

  • Grandchamp21

    I don’t want to get too excited but this espn link shows Mitch’s interest in Michigan higher than the other schools listed.

    • kennyYe

      I do like our chance. Duke, UK, UNC obviously have a lot of basketball tradition and one of them might blow him away during the visit but I like the fact that none of them stood out. On the other hand, Michigan has to be the school that Mitch is mostly familiar with by a large margin. Beilein and his staff have been on this kid way before everyone else, and he has been friends with Novak, plays together and be friends with GRIII in AAU.

    • FGCU Maize Rage

      From what I’ve heard, Mitch had a great time in Ann Arbor, but I wonder why exactly ESPN put us at “high” while all the others are “medium”? Maybe it’s because we were his first visit? I’m interested to see what it says for UNC and Duke after he visits Chapel Hill and Durham this upcoming week…

  • A2JD

    I keep checking in every so often, hoping to read:  “Mitch McGary has decided to cancel all other visits and commit to the University of Michigan!”.   

    • Bluebufoon

      Person on one of the message boards this weekend said McGary said his top three schools are Michigan, Florida and Maryland (in no particular order).

  • ClaytonNoble

    Great highlights